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    How to Complete A Scorched Earth Quest in Fallout 76
    PS4 Games   PC Games   Xbox One Games   Scorched Earth Quest Guide   2018-12-26 08:55:27
    After you have completed the Mission: Countdown and Death From Above main quests, here come the final quest of the Fallout 76 main quest-line, the Scorched Earth Quest, for you to undertake. To activate a Scorched Earth Quest, you have to launch a nuke at a particular site in the game. The Scorched Earth Quest is the hardest one of all the quests in the game, after all, you are going to fight against the final boss of Fallout 76! So, be careful. To make it easier for you, we’ve made up this scorched earth quest guide to show you how to complete the quest step by step.

    Scorched Earth Quest

    Scorched Earth Quest Overview
    To complete this chapteror quest, here’s what you should follow:

    1. Head to the Prime Fissure.
    2. Find the Scorchbeast Queen.
    3. Defeat the Scorchbeast Queen.
    4. Keep in mind, you'll have to defeat the Scorchbeast Queen quickly, before she leaves. She won't stay forever!
    How to complete Scorched Earth Quest in Fallout 76?
    To put it simply, the Fallout 76 Scorched Earth main quest requires you to find and slay the Scorchbeast Queen within a time limit. To trigger a scorched earth quest, first off, you need to  launch a nuke at a particular site, for example, the Fissure Site Prime in the Cranberry Bog. Then the shock of the blast will cause a monstrous creature to arise from the Fissure; the Scorchbeast Queen, the final boss of Fallout 76. still troubled by your low rank? Come and buy Cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps at, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.


    In order to get this achievement you have to take down the Scorched Queen who is level 95. Clearly, the Scorched Earth quest is designed for a full group of players. Indeed, while a team of four is good, two teams comprising a total of eight players is perhaps ideal.She will spawn on the fissure prime location when nuked. The event will activate and you will have 30 mins to kill her. She spawns other high level scorched adds of varying types. This event will take the cooperation of roughly 10+ players at level 50+. Power armor is a must and weapons that deal bonus explosive damage, have the two shot legendary, or have Zealot mod (deal extra damage to scorched) are recommended. Zealot armor can be helpful but isnt as neccessary.

    Heavy weapons such as the .50 caliber machine gun, the Fatman, and Minigun are very helpful as they allow quick damage while she is landed. If a player in your group lays down their C.A.M.P. you can build turrets to help you during the fight. Most turrets aren't going to be very helpful however missile turrets seem to do well but you must keep them powered and repaired. Grenades and orbital strikes can be used when she lands along with stronger melee weapons such as the super sledge. In my completion with at least 11 players this took about 27 minutes. Most players said they went through all of their ammo with one player saying about 5000 .50 caliber rounds, so you will want to make sure you have plenty of ammo. I'd recommend having a player with super duper and chemist craft as many stimpaks as possible and then craft them down into Diluted Stimpaks. Keep a few normal stimpaks to revive other players though.
    Finishing this quest means that you’ve complete the Main Story of Fallout 76. then you are free to work on the Side Quests, Event Quests, Player VS Player Quests, the Mistress of Mystery Quest series, Miscellaneous Quests, and the Repeatable Quests. Additionally, you also feel free to work on your Trophies/Achievements. There are plenty of them to do. So, good luck!
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