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    Here are Fallout 76 Nuke Codes for The Week: January 21 to 28 and How to Decrypt Codes by Yourself
    PS4 Games   PC Games   Xbox One Games   Fallout 76 NoKE Code Guide   2019-01-23 09:21:38
    It is a routine that Bethesda changes the launch codes for Fallout 76 nukes every week. The latest Fallout 76 Nuke Codes for the upcoming week of January 21 to 28th have been revealed now. To save you time, we’ve put together all the launch codes, as you can see in the list below:

    Nuke Codes - January 14-21:
    • Silo Alpha 91037874
    • Silo Bravo 48221623
    • Silo Charlie 46480359

    Noke Codes

    Fallout 76 Nuke codes: How to decrypt by yourself
    Generally speaking, the codes get decrypted pretty quickly by other players. The best place to look immediately is NukaCrypt, but if you want to do it yourself, there's a pretty lengthy process involved. A guide over on reddit explains pretty much everything you need to know about how to go about doing it yourself, and launching the nuke. Here are specific steps you should follow to decrypt nuke codes. For Cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, come to, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online with fast delivery. Additionally, every customer can enjoy up to 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.
    Step 1: Find keyword (for this example, let’s use “WHITEBOARDS”)
    and the encrypted message (the eight letters from the silo code pieces, let's use ACFJNRTW)

    Step 2: Create a “cipher text""by removing from the alphabet each
    letter that is in the keyword, then placing the remaining letters after the keyword, creating a “cipher text”.
    It goes like this-

    In this case, you remove each letter of the word "WHITEBOARDS" from the alphabet, then you place each of those letters, in alphabetical order, after the keyword, creating a cipher text.

    Step 3: Then, taking each letter from the message one-by-one,find them in the cipher text, then relate their position in the text to their position in the alphabet, so the first letter in the message is "A" which is the eighth letter in the cipher text, and the eighth letter in the alphabet is "H", so "A" becomes "H" in the decryption. "C" is 12th in the cipher text, and the 12th letter in the alphabet is "L", so "C" becomes "L" and so on.
    A - 8th in cipher, 8th letter is "H"
    C - 12th in cipher, 12th letter is "L"
    F - 13th in cipher, 13th letter is "M"
    J - 15th in cipher, 15th letter is "O"
    N - 19th in cipher, 19th letter is "S"
    R - 9th in cipher, 9th letter is "I"
    T - 4th in cipher, 4th letter is "D"
    W - 1st in cipher, 1st letter is "A"
    Step 4: The resulting decryption from Step 3 is "HLMOSIDA", which is of course scrambled, so we have to find a word that uses all eight of those letters. In this case, that word is "HALIDOMS". Since we now have the decrypted message, go back to the code pieces and look at the numbers and what letter they're paired with. This step will reveal the order of the numbers in the final decrypted code. Place the letters from the code pieces and the scrambled decryption (HLMOSIDA) side-by-side. It's not necessary but it makes it more simple.


    Then, look at the word we decrypted in Step 3 and relate it to the scrambled word. Much like in the previous step,we have to relate the position of the letters in "HALIDOMS" to the letters in the scrambled word and the code pieces. "H" is first in the decryption, so look at "HLMOSIDA" and "ACFJNRTW". "H" was decrypted from "A", so the number that is paired with "A", which is "6", is the first digit in the final code. It should go like so...
    6 -A = H ~ H is decrypted from "A", paired with 6
    3 - C = L~ A is decrypted from "W", paired with 3
    5 -F = M ~ L is decrypted from "C", paired with 3
    6 -J = O~ I is decrypted from "R", paired with 6
    0 -N = S~ D is decrypted from "T", paired with 2
    6 - R =I~ O is decrypted from "J", paired with 6
    2 -T =D~ M is decrypted from "F", paired with 5
    3 -W = A~ S is decrypted from "N", paired with 0
    The final decrypted code is revealed to be 63362650. hopefully, this guide would be useful for you. For more on Fallout 76, stay tuned for
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