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    How to Pick Up The Best Mega in Arena of Valor
    Arena of Valor Guide   Mega Guide   Best Mega   2019-05-30 09:06:21
    There are quite a bit of mages in the game Arena of Valor. Who is the best Mega? There is no correct answer to the question. When comes to best Megas in the game, it really depends on your playstyle. Below, has listed some Megas along with advantages and disadvantages of each mega to help you select easily. And we also offer Cheap Arena of Valor Vouchers for you to unlock these Megas.


    Liliana is a tier S mage. Liliana is the best over all utility. Her amazing poking power can hold a lane all day. Her second form can dish out massive damage or be used for extra mobility and as an effective disengagement. The only thing is that she can be very squishy and to get the most out of her, you have to get close. And her high damage finisher (Reiki Shot) can be interrupted by CC.All in all, she’s an amazing mage, but she also has to be played smartly. Get too hungry and you will be swiftly punished. If you’re going to play her, you must be very opportunistic. Poke until you know you can finish them with fox form. Finally, you need to stay alive. Trading kills is not worth it. Keep poking until they have to retreat and take the tower. If you’re lucky somebody will have to rotate from another lane or jungle and you can poke them.

    Kahlii is also great but probably one of the most underrated Mage. Mobility, range, damage, AoE CC, you name it, she have it. Requires a bit of build and kiting, and she might never die at all. Best thing about our dark goddess is her insane tower bombing capabilities. There's quite a lot of occasions that I destroyed even more towers than the adcs.
    Diao Chan can be pretty powerful with hyper scaling build (Hecate, then what you want among ap items excepted Frosty revenge, you know why I hope). Her ratios are often forgotten. Big ratios, big controls, nice range, nearly zero cdr late game. Amazing champ, needing attention since 1st minute. Not boring. In addition, Diao Chan requires a proper timing to be good at. Once your enemies are freezed, they’re mostly good as dead(unless they have chaugnar or purify). Same goes for Azzen’ka, but his knock-ups aren’t as long as Diao Chan’s freeze.
    Veera works against bad players because she has an unmissable stun and a high damage nuke that makes new players back off until she's ready to do it again. The problem is her cooldowns are enormous and she can't one shot you, so experienced players will just tank it and kill her. She also has no mobility which will become a problem once you start playing with/against people who regularly jungle.
    Jinnar is fun if you like to play aggressive. He has incredible reach if his S1 is used properly. His ult is essentially a meat grinder. Play him with flicker so you can tower dive with his ult. Keep over thing in mind though, and I've heard those here before: He's literally the incredible hulk. Once his ult is done you're back to being Bruce banner so you better have an escape plan.
    As with other Megas, Lauriel and Raz suits best for mostly solo Queue users. Their damage itself can carry throughout and have some mobility unlike most Mages.
    Lauriel, she is a late game hero, and she can't do much without her first three items. Not to mention, her skills themselves are actually not that powerful. The reason why she's considered overpowered is because of her mobility, especially with flicker as your talent, and her ultimate shortens her other skills' cool down.
    If you love the easy combo and the assassin style of play, Veera should your your choice.She works best on lone heroes while you hide in bushes for ambush. The combo is very deadly too. You can take extra precautions and avoid bushes when Veera is around.
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