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    Pro Tips for Ranked Play in Arena of Valor
    Arena of Valor Guide   Ranked Play Tips   Ranked Play Guide   2019-05-31 09:07:43
    Ranked play is stressful and difficult in game MOBA game Arena of Valor. I see many casual players stuck in bronze and silver and  can’t find way to rank up higher. So, if you are in the same boat, then in this fuide, we share with you pro advice from many diamond payers to help you out!
    Character select: Play around with your team comp as much as you can, this should be a given but you definitely don’t want 5 carry heroes on the same team. If you manage to get a character/role that you like still be aware of what your teammates picks are. Another helpful tip is to look at your win-rates... don’t play your favorite character “Zill the assassin” that you have 100 games played and a 20% win-rate. It may not matter too much to you but ranked isn't where you practice your heroes, casual games are.
    Laning: Learn when to poke, stay under tower or Roam. There’s always something to do at all times. I cant give specifics on this because it varies with each hero but you'll have to practice to know in the first place.
    Farming: Farming is literally the most important thing in the game. The best part about this game is that you don’t even have to last hit the minions to get exp/gold like other mobas. Please for the love of God, farm up. I see a lot of people play and lose and ask “what hero is good to carry a game”........ every hero. If you farm well, most-likely you’ll out-level the enemy team and carry anyways. But lets just say you had a rough lane, how do you get back into the game? There’s actually a ping in the game that lets you say “Don't overextend and get back to farming” its actually one of the most beautiful pings iv'e ever seen in a moba. Farming gives you gold/exp that could flip a game on our side in no time. If you don’t believe me, play a few games and see for yourself.
    Team up with other players. if you wanna climb fast, find 2 good teammates and don’t rank without them. There are many other game modes to keep you busy when they’re not available. protecting a win streak actually earns you more stars because you accumulate brave points faster for those double stars.
    Solo queue to a certain extent measures your individual skill tier. For example if your skill level is at par to an average gold player, then you will eventually climb from silver to gold regardless of teammates. I mean we can complain about bad teammates all day, but your opponents suffer from that same problem, so statistically it cancels out somehow. That said, if you’ve been playing rank game after rank game and are stuck at silver, then that’s probably where your current skill is at. So practice, learn the intricacies of the game, and you’ll find yourself climbing out of lower ranks in no time. I recommend Abrownbag youtube channel.
    Take initiative in the jungle when no one is. There’s so much exp and gold to be lost if you just leave your jungle uncleared. If you see none of your teammates with the punish talent, choose a hero that can jungle, take punish and build a jungle item first, then clear that jungle asap. In bronze/silver, my hero of choice for this is usually taara, because leviathan works pretty well for her as a first item, she’s easy to use, and still doubles up as a tank with decent peel if you build frost cape as a second item (after boots).. If your team has a jungler who constantly clears your jungle and your opponent does not (look at opponent’s lineup.. if none of them have punish, then they most likely do not have a grasp of the importance of jungling yet), that’s almost a sure win. You can even clear your opponent’s jungle and watch your level gap reach to as high as 4. it’s snowball city from there.

    That's the end of this guide. Stay tuned to Not only you can get the latest news and pro guides on Arena of Valor here, but also you can buy Cheap Arena of Vouchers to unlock more heroes in the game.
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