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    League of Legends Wild Rift Heroes Guide: Heroes That Can Counter Pyke

    Many players feel annoyed when they meet the Pyke in the league of Legends Wild Rift. Pyke performs as supports that owes many forms of utility or protection. While Pyke is also an extremely unique case in the matches, which makes players feel confused about how to deal with him. They want to know some heroes that can encounter Pyke in the matches. Here are some good heroes mentioned in this article that help you win more matches in the game. If you want to experience some rare skins of heroes in the game, you can buy LOL WR Accounts to play your favorite heroes with nice skins in the match.
    Janna is one of the most outstanding Champions for separating and since Pyke depends vigorously on confining focuses with his tricky draws in, Janna can interfere with him and shut down his arrangements. She can safeguard the partner pulled by his Q so they won't be easily placed into deadly reach for Pyke's Ultimate. She can likewise Q Pyke while he's utilizing his E to upset it. Finally, she can utilize her Ultimate assuming she is the casualty of Pyke's Q, thumping him and his partners away while mending herself and every close by partner. Pyke has no simple way onto her on any objectives Janna is close by, which makes it very challenging for him to make progress in this matchup.
    Nami is a very decent pick against Pyke. She is one of a handful of the Supports in the game that approaches all-in, Poke Damage, and Sustain. If Pyke happens to Q her or a partner, she can Q or Ult them, bringing Pyke and his partners to an abrupt halt. Assuming Pyke runs in with his E to get in some fast harm and paralyze, Nami can undoubtedly recuperate the harm with her W and separate with her Ultimate or Q. Pyke battles vigorously in the path against foes that can Poke, since he is a melee character, he is very defenseless to ranged harm.
    Rakan does well in shutting down Pyke as he's one of a handful of the Supports that can keep pace with Pyke's versatility. He likewise has the adaptability in his range of abilities to draw in or separate, meaning Rakan can jump onto Pyke and wreck him before he could attack. Regardless of whether Pyke gets the leap on Rakan, Rakan can simply run out securely with his W and assuming it's one of Rakan's partners, Rakan can W to them and E or Ultimate onto the Pyke and other close by foes. In the laning stage, Rakan even has support with his Q, which puts Pyke compelled to constantly harm Rakan and whoever his Marksman is. If not, Rakan will simply invalidate the majority of the harm with his recuperates. All around, Rakan has replies to all that Pyke is able to do.
    Amumu isn't played as Support frequently however is a specialty pick against Pyke. Pyke should reconsider with regards to pulling in Amumu in light of the fact that his Q or Ultimate capacity can close down Pyke easily. Amumu is likewise entirely strong, and that implies he's not an optimal objective for Pyke to pull in to Assassinate with his Q. Amumu has the opportunity to purposefully remain before his Marksman to Body Block Pyke's Q and assuming Pyke pulls Amumu in to his entire group, that is precisely where Amumu needs to be. Pyke has no strategy for getting around Amumu's pack and his main chance to do anything against Amumu will be the point at which Amumu's capacities are on cooldown.
    If you want to counter Pyke in the matches of League of Legends Wild Rift, these four heroes may be the good choices for you. You can experiment these heroes in the matches in order to master their skills. If you want to compete with other high level players, you can Buy League of Legends Wild Rift Accounts to play against them in the matches. 
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