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    Lost Ark December Update: New Summoner Class is introduced in the World of Lost Ark

    As the update of Lost Ark in November, the Reaper class is introduced in the game. Players have access to experience the new class and other new contents in Lost Ark. While, before the end of 2022, there will be another new class called Summoner introduced in December. If you are interested in the new Summoner class, you can read this article and know more information. Players can get Cheap Lost Ark Gold to level up your characters quickly in order to prepare for the coming raids in the new update of Lost Ark.
    Lost Ark Summoner Class
    The female Mage class, the summoner does exactly what it says on the tin - she summons. She can summon a myriad of different allies to help her and the party depending on the situation, and her ultimate move is supposed to be something special.
    The Release Date of Lost Ark Summoner Class
    The Summoner will join Lost Ark in December, we have known that the developer revealed in the game’s latest roadmap. The precise release date is still unclear, however.
    The Summoner will follow the Reaper’s release, which is set for the previous month. Since a Major update is planned for December, including the release of Legion Raid Brelshaza, the Mage subclass will likely be introduced alongside this upcoming feature.
    Identity Skills of Summoner Class in Lost Ark
    Identity skills are unique to every class, they usually involve the accumulation of a special resource, which only that class can generate in combat and use it in particular ways. Summoner builds up Ancient Energy in battle, then when the required number of ancient spheres is reached, she will be able to summon five different ancient spirits at three spheres. 
    3 Spheres: summon Osh, an ancient colossus that stomps the ground, knocking up opponents caught in the area.
    4 Spheres: summon Margul, an ancient dragon, which inflicts AOE damage and throws opponents upward.
    5 Spheres: summon Phoenix, an ancient elemental bird that inflicts magical damage and knocks enemies back while setting them on fire.
    6 Spheres: summon Zahia & Rigueos, two elementals who create a maelstrom around them. The summoner inflicts ice damage and freezes opponents.
    7 Spheres: summon Akir, an ancient spirit that accumulates energy inflicting the surrounding area with lightning damage before exploding.
    Engravings of Summoner Class in Lost Ark
    The Summoner has two class engravings, one is Overflowing Commune , another one is High Summoner. Below are the engraving bonus for each level. 
    Overflowing Commune Engravings:
    Overflowing Commune class engraving works by increasing the duration of the summons by 5%, 10% and 20%, increasing the damage of summons by 10%, 17% and 25%, and increasing the summons movement, attack speed by 3%, 6% and 10%, also decreasing the command skill cooldown by 3%, 6% and 10%.
    Level 1 (Nodes 5): Summon duration +20% for Maririn, Pauru, Elcid, Shurdi, and Kelsion. Damage +10%.
    Level 2 (Nodes 10): Summon duration +25% for Marinin, Pauru, Elcid, Shurdi, and Kelsion. Damage +15%.
    Level 3 (Nodes 15): Summon duration +30% for Marinin, Pauru, Elcid, Shurdi, Kelsion. Damage +20%
    High Summoner Engravings:
    Max Summoner engraving works by consuming one fewer orb for identity, increasing damage by 2%, 5%, and 10%, and increasing crit rate by 3%, 8%, and 16% for ancient spirit skills. 
    Level 1 (Nodes 5): -1 Ancient Elemental skill's Elemental Orb count. +5% all Elemental Damage.
    Level 2 (Nodes 10): -1 Ancient Elemental skill's Elemental Orb count. +10% all Elemental Damage.
    Level 3 (Nodes 15): -1 Ancient Elemental skill's Elemental Orb count. +15% all Elemental Damage.
    We have listed the basic information about the coming Summoner class in this article, you can prepare for the build of Summoner class in the coming update of Lost Ark. In order to collect enough materials for the new Summoner class, you can Buy Lost Ark Gold to purchase essential materials in advance and level up her quickly in the game. 
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