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    Madden 19 Ultimate Team Deep Dive: Getting Started in MUT Mode to Get Ahead
    Madden 19 Ultimate Team is back in a big way this year, with a whole host of new activities and challenges for you to undertake, for the benefit of your MUT 19 squad. We will provide you with all the various MUT 19 tips you need to dominate the online competition. Let's start from the beginning and discuss what made upgrading players difficult in Madden NFL 19.
    We definitely heard and understood the feedback and invested in building support for Power Up Players with Player Upgrades in MUT 19. The big difference in MUT 19 is that you will be able to downgrade and go backwards on players that you want to get out of. Let’s dive into an example:
    Aaron Rodgers Base Power Up–80 OVR
    Tier 1: 82 OVR (requires 100 Training)
    Tier 2: 84 OVR (requires 200 Training)
    Tier 3: 87 OVR (requires his 86 OVR Core Elite)


    Madden Ultimate Team is the destination to assemble a roster filled with the greatest names in football, both past and present. Let's break down what you need to know to build your Madden Ultimate Team. And really, it's all about getting the best players possible, so you'll also want to keep an eye on the Auction House and snag some of the cheaper players with those coins you've earned with all the Challenges you've completed. After reading through the MUT deep dive, here are my takeaways.
    Player Upgrades Is The Right Way To Go
    EA attempted to implement this in last year's game, but it was too complicated. I tried my best to get into it, but with so many other games to play and non-gaming tasks to tackle, I ultimately wound up abandoning the concept. You'll also be able to downgrade players and you'll recoup some of the assets you spent to upgrade them.
    Position Specialist is a Big Deal
    This new feature affects MUT, but it will also have a significant impact on every mode within Madden 19. The game introduces seven position specialists that will now be customizable at the lineup screen. The MUT lineup depth chart has been trimmed down as well to eliminate spots for underused players.
    Madden 19 MUT Player Upgrades
    Going into this year's MUT, the player upgrades have been entirely overhauled. Whereas last year in Madden 18 Ultimate Team you had to upgrade players through earning as many Team Tokens as possible, this year you can upgrade players through a new currency called Training.

    Player Upgrades in MUT 19


    Madden 19 MUT Squads
    MUT Squads are back in Madden 19 Ultimate Team, and this year you can play against the AI in the Squad Challenges mode. Right now we don’t have a lot of information on what will be new about Squads this year.
    Let's dive into an example the numbers used are completely hypothetical:
    Aaron Rodgers Base Power Up–80 OVR
    Tier 1: 82 OVR (requires 100 Training)
    Tier 2: 84 OVR (requires 200 Training)
    Tier 3: 87 OVR (requires his 86 OVR Core Elite)
    How to earn coins fast in Madden Ultimate Team
    Making money in Madden Ultimate Team is one of the first things you need to learn. The game uses coins as its standard free-to-play digital currency which, means you can earn it without paying a dime. Choosing for providing to make sure that all pieces of Best Madden 19 Coins and with our high quality services, you will have bought represent our sincerity towards every single client. You can also use them to purchase the tickets you need to play the game's premium events. Here are some of the things you can do to earn coins fast.
    The fun in MUT is that you get to do what you want and if you want to make the best team you can, there are a couple of things to note. As mentioned, some improvements have been made to the solo side of MUT now, with new battles to complete the returning challenges so players can take advantage of this change.
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