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    MLB The Show 19: Hitting Changes, Pro Tips On Hitting And Best Hitters
    MLB The Show 19 is now live on PS4. Hitting is obviously one of the fundamental skills of baseball. If you can’t hit, you can’t play. Early before, MLB The Show 19 has released streams, teasing the hitting challenges coming to MLB The Show 19. Therefore, in this article, not only will we be walking you though hitting changes in MLB The Show 19, but also present you some pro tips on the new hitting mechanic, along with some best hitters you should choose in MLB The Show 19.


    Hitting Changes In MLB The Show 19
    Maybe the biggest change coming to MLB The Show 19 will be the onus on contact hitters having a bigger impact. So you may wanna use more contact hitters in the game now. In addition, contact hitters has received a back-end power bump this year, thus encouraging more hard-hit shots into the gap and over the infield.
    From the video, we can also see that players will have a much greater chance of being punished for spamming the same pitch over and over  and hanging breaking balls.
    Additionally, the pitch speeds will be faster than ever before in The Show, which will affects players on Hall of Fame and Legend difficulty the most.
    Pro Tips On Hitting
    Right Settings
    First, you need to have the right settings. Personally, I play with the PCI Hidden and strike zone turned off. This means I have the clearest visual possible. Don’t worry about the lack of PCI. I promise you it’s still there! Not everyone is made to play on Legend of HoF. if you need help and find yourself constantly struggling, there is no shame in lowering the difficulty.
    Learn to Read Pitches
    Learning to read pitches. People often get fooled with common pitch combinations. High fastballs and low change ups can be deadly, but the best way to judge a pitch is not waiting until you see the break, but to watch how it is released from the pitcher's hand. This is generally where you want to be focusing for most of your at-bat. It is (usually) very easy to judge a pitch if you are consistently watching this area at the start of the pitch and being patient with your strike zone.
    Know Your Hitter
    Know your hitter. The saying “a walk is as good as a hit” really depends on who is at the plate. If one of your hitters is Hot and is hitting say .320/ 4 HRs / 18 RBIs in his last 10 games you’ll likely see a very slim selection of good pitches to hit. With your attention, the CPU isn’t stupid. They rather face your SS who is hitting .245 than a slugging player on a hot streak.
    Find Your Sweet Spot
    Find your sweet spot. For me it's usually down and away, a lot of people like up and away though and it's really up to you and where you seem to hit best. Once you've settled in and are able to read pitchers and take pitches you don't like just sit in your comfort zone any time you have less than 2 strikes. If you see a pitch in that zone, let it rip, if not just take it regardless of if it might be a strike or not. Obviously if you're at 2 strikes already you will likely want to loosen up and try and extend an at bat or get a hit.
    Top Ten Power Hitters
    A good hitter are always as important as excellent hitting skills. The MLB The Show 19 player ratings have revealed. Here are the top 10 MLB The Show 19 player ratings for power hitters. You can unlock those hitter with Cheap MLB The Show 19 Stubs from With a coupon code “5MMO”, you can enjoy 3% off.
    Joey Gallo – Rangers (99)
    Aaron Judge – Yankees (94)
    Giancarlo Stanton – Yankees (93)
    J.D. Martinez – Red Sox (93)
    Nelson Cruz – Twins (92)
    Khris Davis – Athletics (92)
    Max Muncy – Dodgers (90)
    Gary Sanchez – Yankees (87)
    Nolen Arenado – Rockies (87)
    Josh Donaldson – Braves (86)
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