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    Mobile League of Legends : LOL Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide and Tips & Role Selection
    League of Legends: Wild Rift was supposed to get its official launch in the early months of 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the release kept getting delayed, and it finally seems that this title can have an official launch later this year. Riot is taking Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends, into open beta on October 27th. Wild Rift is indeed in the horizon. Tons of players are curious about the gameplay in League of Legends: Wild Rift. So, we prepare a guide and tips that are easy to grasp, especially for beginners -- to give them a basic understanding of the game, as well as the role selection.

    Here is a breakdown of each role!
    Solo Baron Lane
    Initially, we’re going to discuss the Baron lane. Baron lane is the lane marked in purple when you enter the game. This lane is recommended for tough Champions who excel in 1vs1 or even 1vs2. Why? Because the main task of the Champions in the Baron lane is to go for a split push -- but still be around when a team fight breaks.
    Now, in carrying out their duties, players in the Baron lane are prone to gank by the enemy Jungler. Therefore, micro skills are highly important for those who take the role of Baron lane.
    As for the Champion selection, the Baron lane is recommended for Tanks or Fighters.  However, it’s not so bizarre to see Marksman Champions who have great escape skills, like Vayne -- in this lane to counter the melee Tank or Fighter.

    Solo Jungle Lane
    The next role we are going to discuss is the Jungle lane. This role has two crucial main tasks. The first task is to help the laners to dominate their lanes with effective ganks. Second, is to secure objectives in the river, like Dragons.
    Unlike other roles who gain exp from killing minions, Jungle lane Champions get their exp from killing Jungle monsters. This role also requires a special spell to survive in the Jungle, Smite. 
    The main function of Smite is to deal Damage to Jungle monsters and finish them off quickly. The Damage this spell generates also increases gradually.
    As for the Champions in the Jungle lane, it is recommended to make your selection based on the level of sustainability in the Jungle and ganking capability to help the laners.

    Solo Mid-Lane
    Next, we are going to discuss the Mid-lane. Those who fill this lane have a significant role for the team. They have to dominate the lane to help others in the side lanes. Whereas for the Champion selection, the middle lane is recommended for Mages and Assassins with high wave-clearing skills.
    Aside from the micro, the role requires a good understanding of macro. Why? Because the Mid-lane is highly susceptible to ganks. Therefore, the player will have to have a keen eye to take an occasional look at the surroundings and the minimap.
    Also, the player who takes Mid-lane has the role of the damage dealer. So, don’t get killed too often. Always be aware of your position when you join a team fight and play it safe to help your team -- even when you are behind.

    Carry, Duo Dragon Lane
    The next role is the Carry role, who fills the Dragon lane alongside the Support. The Dragon lane is marked in light blue on the map.
    Similar to any other MOBA games in general, the Carry is tasked to carry the team to victory. As for the Champion selection, Carry is usually designated for Marksman Champions. However, in certain cases, Fighters like Yasuo can also be used to take the role.

    Support, Duo Dragon Lane
    Last but not least, we have the Support role, who partners up with the Carry. The Support’s task is to protect the Carry, whether in farming or team fight, to help them get their core items faster -- as well as leading the team to glory.
    Bear in mind, that it is strongly advised for Support players not to take the last hit in Wild Rift. Why? Because you still gain gold when a minion dies near you. So, instead, let your Carry take the last hit to give them money for their core items.
    On top of that, the Support also plays an important role as the team’s intel. And, since the game has a ward system, you can utilize these wards to gather info about the enemy’s whereabouts. Put down some wards in strategic spots to avoid being ganked. Don’t forget to put some down in the river to have a vision when the enemies are trying to slain the Dragon.
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