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    My Team Mode Comes with New Contents in NBA2K 19.
    MMORPG   PS4 Games   Xbox One Games   NBA 2K19 Guides   NBA 2K19 Features   2018-09-19 08:41:24
    Since NBA 2K 19 has been underway for a couple of few days, it has received optimistic views from fans all over the world. To avoid content droughts in NBA 2K 18, according to Developer Visual Concepts, a host of fresh tweaks and adjustments comes to My Team mode in NBA2K 19.

    MyTeam mode

    New Packs and Gem Level
    One great highlight comes to MyTeam mode is the adjustment of packs and gem level. This time Visual Concepts improves the pace of getting the best cards for players. In addition to those adjustments, card packs in NBA2K 19 becomes more tiered, which aims at providing a wider array of options when players making selections. For example, Throwback packs in NBA2K 19 include a Throwback player, which didn’t exist in NBA 2K 18. Besides, there’s a new gem level added to the collections called GALAXY OPAL. If you want to unlock those packs, buy Cheap NBA2K 19 MT Coins at

    More new modes added to MyTeam mode

    Pack &Playoff and Supermax modes are removed from MyTeam. This time, MyTeam introduces a brand-new MyTeam Unlimited and Triple Threat modes. In the MyTeam Unlimited mode, fans form a line-up of their best 14 players and compete against others to outscore their opponents to earn rewards such as Reward Tokens, free card packs and so on. If you win your opponent with 12-0, you will enjoy an exclusive Player of the Month Card. In Triple Threat, players compete against 30 teams in a three-on-three single player mode. At the beginning of each game, players will drop a ball down a pachinko-like board to decide which team they will compete against. Besides, there is also a online version of the mode, in which players can compete with player around the globe in three-on -three matches.


    Adjustments to other modes

    In Challenges, aside from the original five single-player Challenges in each week, there will also be multiplayer Challenges. Each week comes with new challenges. Schedule Challenges returns to NBA2K 19. This time there will be 15 game schedules every two weeks for the entire season to make the game less grinding. Besides, you don’t have to play in order in Domination modes this time.

    Herein some MyTeam tips are provided for beginners to start their MyTeam journey and earn new players and points quickly. At the start of the game, you will be asked to choose your favorite team. is one of the best websites for providing Cheap NBA2K 19 MT Coins.In fact, you can choose the team who’s star player you want to build your team around. For beginners, we recommend you heading to the Single Player tab and selecting Freestyle, from where you can get to know the top three rated players on your MyTeam and know their shooting mechanics and dribbling moves.

    When heading into a game, you can start from the Single Player tab of NBA2K 19’s MyTeam mode. There are different mode options for you to choose. Domination mode might be a pretty good choice. Every time you outscore your opponents in the single player mode, you will be awarded with VC(Virtual Currency) as well as certain packs with players from the team you defeat. NBA2K 19 launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 11. More new updates will be discussed in later articles.
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