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    Sea of Thieves Fishing Guide: Bait & How to catch and cook fish in SOT PC/Xbox One
    How do you catch fish in the sea of thieves? How to fish in Sea of Thieves? This is a complete guide to fishing bait, locations, catching and cooking fish.


    Equipping the rod & Baiting the line
    On entering the game’s anniversary update, players will automatically possess a new fishing rod. To equip the rod, simply open the item wheel (Q on PC, LB on Xbox One), then navigate to the second wheel (F on PC, X on Xbox One). Select the rod from the menu and you should be good to go. Some fish will require bait (grubs, leeches, worms) to appear. You can find bait in resource barrels across the world, with the best locations being the Seaposts, where Merrick and his family have set up shop. To equip bait, simply select the rod, then close and open up the item wheel again. There should then be a prompt in the middle of the dial that says attach bait (R on PC, Y on Xbox One). Select this and highlight the bait you want to use on the menu.
    Where to fish in Sea of Thieves
    You can fish just about anywhere there’s water in Sea of Thieves. You can fish at the outpost you spawn at, along the shoreline of smaller islands, even in any ponds you find on larger islands. It’s also possible to fish off the back of your ship while it’s moving. Picking the right place to fish will depend on what type of fish you want to catch. If you’re just looking to cast out a line and have some fun, then you can fish wherever you please.
    Wait to hook a fish
    My instinct was to right click when a fish came near to hook it, but that'll just recall your line. You actually don't have to do anything. Just wait! Depending on the lighting conditions, you might be able to see a curious fish investigate your hook while you wait. You might also see the fish leap out of the water first. At any rate, they always seem to bite eventually, so just be patient.
    Reel it in
    Once a fish has bitten, don't hold the left mouse button to start reeling it in right away. Your line will break. When the fish is struggling, which it will right away, you'll see lots of splashing around it. Use the ASD keys to counter its left, right, or forward (away from you) movements. If the fish is going left, hold D. If the fish is going right, hold A. If the fish is going away from you, hold S.
    How to Cook Fish
    If you have a fish in your hand, you can eat it now if you want to puke from food poisoning, or take it to a stove (there should be one below deck). Once you put it in there, there's no easy way to guess how long it'll take, especially with different fish needing different cooking times, so you'll have to watch it to see when it looks properly cooked. Steam is a good way to check - put it in for the first time, and there'll be a lot of it. When the fish is nearly done, the steam will thin out and nearly disappear altogether.
    There you have it! Plenty of information to get you started, make the most of your fishing time, and help you use your catch wisely! By the way, if you are lacking of (Sea of Thieves) SOT Ancient Coins, you can also come to for help, here, you can find cheap Sea of Thieves Coins for Sale, special offers, biggest discount!
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