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    Smite Guide: Best Junglers and Pro Tips for Jungler
    Smite Guide   Jungler Guide   Best Jungler   2019-07-18 09:08:35
    So you wanna give it a shot at jungle play on Smite, wonder who are the best junglers currently in the game and look for tips to better play, then this guide is exactly what you need.


    To better play jungler:
    First, pick gods with good jungle clear when you’re starting out.Gods like Thor (Max 3) and Fenrir are generally good to start off with. Good early games to help you from feeling like you’re behind all the time. Despite what you mid-laner might say, Blue buff is probably the most important camp in the first 10 minutes. Generally your solo laner will be at a massive disadvantage without it for longer than a minute or two.
    Similarly to support, do your best to split camps/XP. Gods like Fenrir and Thor have strong initiation so I feel like it’s a pretty good transition. Do your best to get comfortable with jungle routes, camp management, and get a feel for where and why you’re pressuring a certain lane at a given time. It is a lot to keep track of, especially with it feeling like XP camps are always available.
    Here’s a jungle tier list from Youtuber weak3n.


    In addition, I can’t stress this enough. Wards win games. Buy wards every time you back. Know where the enemy is at all times. Most of the time I like to think as the Jungler as a shot caller. The only time the Jungle isn’t the shot caller is during teamfights (it’s the support unless you are Thor) and ganking right lane (it’s mostly is the support, again unless you are Thor). If you kill the enemy, take their camps. This helps that you and your team snowball easier and faster. I haven’t played S3 yet but I think that this would be a good start. Backs and Blue Buff (you can do them at the same time). Do the boars. Go to mids. Clear the mid wave with your mid. Go to Fire Elementals with your Solo. Clear with your Solo until camps are up again or you can get a gank. Try to get a gank at mid (I prioritize Duo>Mid>Solo) because it takes a while to get to duolane without speed buff (RIP). Don't just sit in the Jungle waiting for something to happen. When people on the enemy team who have a high damage ult are dead, do GF or FG. Work with your team and play smart.
    As far as teamfights, that’s much more god-dependant for general tips, beyond that: knowing when to go in and where to be beforehand is key. Go in too early, stand in the wrong place? You die and your team loses because it’s a 4v5. Too late, wrong spot? Your team died because you didn't take out the damage dealer fast enough.
    Edit: Also, stealing camps is huge because you both sent the profit from the enemy and take it yourself, so it’s essentially double profit for you. Just be careful; don’t do anything too janky or you'll die. If you ganked solo and forced the enemy to back or killed the, go straight for the blue buff; if it’s not there, boars and harpies.
    Edit 2: Know which lanes need to be babysat more. Also, you can’t be everywhere at once; if that's how your team is thinking, ignore them and do their buff when you get around to it. Don't break the rhythm just because of VGS spam.
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