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    Smite Guide -How to Farm Gems&Favor Efficiently and Unlock More Gods
    Smite Guide   Gems Farming   Favor Farming   Unlock Gods   2019-05-17 10:49:45
    Gems and Favor are two main currency in Smite. So, what do they do? How to spend them efficiently? How to farm them efficiently? In this Smite guide, we’ll cover all answers to these questions. So, be sure to read on.


    You need gems only for voice packs and premium skins. For favor,you can buy gods, their recolor skins, golden/legendary/diamond skins, icons, you can reroll a god if you play assault (it's like that random mode from LOL).
    Some Rules to gem spending:
    1 Never buy anything above 200 gems (unless it is a t4 for 300 that isn't in a chest for cheaper, OR a skin that is limited/Part of the odyssey)
    2 Resist the urge to buy chests unless they are on sale for 50-200 gems
    3 Be patient everything that isn't chest exclusive, or event exclusive goes on sale eventually.
    You can unlock all of the gods with favor, which is earned from gameplay like some of the more hardcore players around here or buy the all gods pack for some small amount in your local currency. Here are some ways to earn favor in Smite:
    Daily login gives you 75, 125, 250, 350, & 450 favor for login and clicking the reward button each day (plus 15 gems & 35 gems for the 6th & 7th days).
    First Win of the Day rewards give you a bonus 100 Favor for each game mode you get a win in each day. There are 3 Ranked game modes and 7 Normal game modes, so you can earn 1000 Favor every day if you get 1 win in each mode (though that usually will have you playing all day).
    Weekly quests will give you 300 Favor each and you get 2 per week, then when you complete both quests for the week you get a bonus 500 Favor.
    And that's all without counting the Favor you get just from playing a match, which is solely dependent on the match game time: the longer the match, the more Favor you get from it, and if you win the match, you get twice as much Favor as you would have if you lost.
    As with Gems, you can only earn from free gems promotions, which are limited events and the login bonus gets you 50 gems a week if you login everyday. It's not possible to "farm" gems apart from trying your luck with the surveys. Here’s a full list of gems farming ways in Smite. if you are a person who pay to win in the game or don’t have enough time to play the game and earn gems, then provides Cheap Smite Gems for you. With a coupon code “5MMO”, you can enjoy 3% off. Once you’ve made a order, we promise delivery within 30 minutes.
    1. Doing short tasks and filling surveys given by HiRez on their website here
    2. Logging in every day for a weekly 50 gem bonus.
    3. There are some events occasionally that require you to mostly win first win of the days, thus giving you some gems.
    4. Smite has Faceit now, you can earn gems by playing through Faceit and earning Faceit points to buy gem packages.
    5. Invite people/your friends to the game and play with them in a party.
    As a side note, the opportunity cost of the surveys is huge, it's literally working for less than minimum wage.
    Tips on Farming Efficiently in Smite
    Now you know about to farm gems and favors in Smite. So, how to farm them efficiently? You can checl the video in this article, which will showcase you farming efficiency and how to farm as a mid laner, especially in the early game/levels.
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