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    Try Those Recommended Currency Stash Tab Management on Path of Exile
    2019-01-16 09:07:03

    An important aspect of efficient grinding in Path of Exile is to have your stash tabs set up in such a way that you waste as little time as possible. This article will cover eight kinds of recommended setup of stash tab management on Path of Exile.

    Stash Tab

    1. Dump Tab - The first 4 regular tabs OR a single Quad Tab to use as a temporary dumping tab between map runs. After clearing a map you just CTRL+click all the loot into these tabs and get right back into the next map ASAP. You can sort all the loot more efficiently once these tabs are full, or once you're about done with your current play session. You can use the Highlight Items feature at the bottom of the tab to deal with one type of item at a time.

    2. Currency Tab - I've played a character on a free to play alt account to level 100, and let me tell you; the currency tab is the single most pay2win thing in the entire game. I recommend having this tab directly after your dump tab(s). And if you haven't bought it yet, I recommend it as the single most worthwhile investment you can make on a PoE account. It saves massive amounts of time you'd otherwise spend converting currency to make room.

    3. Essence Tab and Divination Card Tab - These are optional, and not as good as the currency tab, but I have them and I like them. If you don't have them, you can put your Divination cards and Essences into regular tabs, or just not pick up low/medium value essences and cards in the first place.

    4. RUN tab - A tab full of maps that are rolled and ready to be run by your character. That way you can simply CTRL+click a bunch of these and start running maps. In Legacy League I used this mostly for arranging multiple sets of 3 leaguestones that I wanted to run instead of maps.

    5. Individually Priced Sales Tab(s) - One of these might be enough. Maybe you'll want to use a Quad tab, or multiple tabs. You'll have to see for yourself. Anything that you can sell for more than 5c goes in here.

    6. 5c tabs for mass dumping of small items - Instead of taking the time to look at every rare ring, amulet or jewel you can just identify them and throw them in a tab for 5c.

    7. Unrolled Map Tab(s) - It's up to you how you want to organize these, but I put them near the end since you should only be interacting with them at the end of your playsession, while sorting all your loot. The pay2win map stash tab that was introduced in 3.1 is great for this. If you buy it, you'll most likely fit all the maps you need in that one tab, and they'll be automatically organized by tier and type.


    Bear in mind that this is just one potential way to set up your stash tabs. You may have a method that works better for you, but I want you to at least think about how much time you're spending on scrolling through tabs and sorting your loot.

    If you are fully free to play, and only have 4 non-premium stash tabs, you're going to have to combine some of these tabs and use Acquisition to list your items for sale. It won't be as efficient, but it's possible to make it work.

    You can also save a little time by moving the Stash and Navali or Zana close to the map device in your hideout so that you don't have to go far to stash your stuff after each map. I prefer having these things close to the waypoint, but not too close, as people might accidentally click your portals when they come to your hideout for trades. You can buy Cheap POE Currency at, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

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