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    Borderlands 3 When to Use Golden Keys, How to get BL3 Golden Keys PC/PS4/Xbox One Using Shift Code 2020
    How do you get golden keys in bl3? Will Borderlands 3 have golden keys? When can you use golden keys Borderlands 3? If you want to find the answer, then just follow this short article.


    What is a Golden Key?
    Golden Keys are exclusive in-game items that can be used to open the special Golden Key Loot Chest on Sanctuary 3 and obtain rare loot. Please note that Borderlands 2 Golden Keys are non-transferable to Borderlands 3. You will not be able to use Borderlands 2 keys in Borderlands 3. Your current number of Golden Keys is displayed, e.g. in the inventory in the bottom right corner of the screen (next to the information about the number eridium).
    How to get Golden Keys in Borderlands 3?
    Golden keys can't be obtained as loot. You can obtain them by redeeming Shift Codes. Once you enter the correct code that entitles you to receive a Golden Key, you get a gift that can be picked up in the Mail tab in Social menu. One way to get Golden Keys for Borderlands 3 is to redeem SHIFT Codes. These codes can be found in Gearbox's social media accounts such as Twitter & Facebook. SHIFT Codes can be redeemed in your SHIFT Account.
    Golden Keys can be obtained in numerous ways. Sometimes they are simply added to your add as means of a celebration, for example. Most of the Golden Keys you’ll acquire, however, will be via codes published on the official Borderlands Twitter account. So, make sure you give @Borderlands a follow. Codes are posted on a regular basis, and they are specific to each game and each format. That means that if you’re playing on PC, you’ll need to make sure you obtain codes for that format. Codes consist of five groups of five letters and numbers, so Xbox users will feel right at home with them. Be aware, though, that codes have expiry dates, and can often only be used so many times, too.
    How to Get Golden Keys Once You’ve Redeemed
    To get your gold key rewards you’ll actually need to go into the in-game mail system pause the game, go into the Social Menu, and then tab over to the mail icon.  In this mailbox you will find a reward that you need to accept to get your keys.  You will need to accept this for as many times as you have keys.  If you have three keys you will need to accept this reward three times and you will see the keys in your inventory at that point.
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