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    Fortnite Week 9 Challenges Revealed and Week 9 Battle Pass Guide
    After the rollout of Patch 5.40 note, Fortnite’s latest set of week 9 challenges is released on September 7. this article will give you a specific look at the various challenges and offers guides corresponding to each challenge to help players to complete those challenges more easily before the season ends. Those challenges can be divided into two categories: one is available for every player. The other is exclusive for players who purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass.

    week 9 challenge

    Free challenges:

    1. Deal 500 damage with Explosive weapons to opponents
    Since explosive weapons are extremely easy to deal damage due to their large explosion radius. As with this challenge ,you will choose five explosive weapons to finish off downed targets. Here are some tips when you use them. You can stick an enemy in the early game with the clinger,which will easily get 100 damage off. Besides, throwing the clinger to the ceiling of someone turtling and breaking that ceiling is also a good way to cause damage to them. The best way to use the grenade is to chuck them above walls or through doors into enclosure,forcing enemies to either abandon their spot or build reflexively to save themselves. Racket launchers have lots of splash, so lake sure you don’t use them close range. You can buy Cheap Fortnite Items from directly.

    2. Get 150,000 trick points in a shopping cart or ATK.
    For this part, you will have to find a Shopping Cart or an ATK. Getting air while in a Shopping Cart of ATK earn you trick point. The longer you're able to stay in the air without touching the ground, the more points you'll earn.

    3. Follow the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts.
    To complete this challenge, you’ll just need to head to a spot,southwest of Dusty Divot to uncover the actual Battle Star. You better land on the highest platform on the rocky tower at first and then make your descent down the ground via the lower platforms.


    Fortnite Week 9 Battle Pass challenges
    1. Search a Chest in Hunted Hills.
    In this part, you're tasked with opening a series of chests but in a particular order. Once the required chest is opened, the challenge will update with the second stage featuring a new location.there are totally five stages.

    2. Visit different Stone Heads.
    Keep in mind that you need to check out seven chests to complete the challenge for this week, but they don't all need to be visited in the same game. many of those Stone Heads have chests and rifts spawn around them. It’s very easy to land at the head and loot the chests. is one of the best website for providing Fortnite Item.

    3. Assault Rifle Eliminations.
    As with this challenge, you need to take out five enemies with assault rifles. there are some tips for using assault rifles. First, first-shot accuracy is very important for headshots, which means killing your enemy with less shots. Unless you are a player with a skilled aim, don’t easily use The Burst Rifles. And The Scoped ARs is good at poking down enemies.

    4. Eliminate opponents in Tomato Temple.
    As with this challenge, you need to defeat three enemies in the  Tomato Temple. you will ideally land at the location and try to get a early kill against people with a bad drop.if you have trouble with landing at the temple, you can land at one of outer chests and then push your way into the temple. Land at a chest and find yourself a shotgun/pistol/Assault Rifle will definitely increase your chance of getting an elimination. Since the temple yard is very open, so make sure you have a wall to take over behind. Be alert all the time.
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