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    Forza Horizon 5 Game Guide: Players Want To Know How to Obtain the Famous Car Delorean

    Players may find that there are lots of famous cars displayed in Forza Horizon 5, but it is not easy to buy them with Credits. For instance, the typical Delorean DMC-12, which is famous for its show as the time-traveling car that used as the time-traveling car in the Back to the Future trilogy of films.
    Most of fans who love the films want to drive this car along the way in the Forza Horizon 5. Meanwhile, some players who are interested in collection of famous cars are also eager to own this famous car Delorean in their pocket. So, they want to know how to obtain Delorean in Forza Horizon 5. Moreover, players can also buy FH5 Credits to unlock some specific items which can be used to decorate your favorite cars in the game. 

    How to Obtain the Famous Delorean in Forza Horizon 5
    The First way: You can obtain it as a free reward in the Series 1 Summer Wet Season
    In order to obtain the Delorean as a free reward in Series 1, players should obtain 26 Festival Playlist points before the weekly reset on Thursday, November 18. After this date, the rewards will change to Autumn Storm Season. 
    Players will find that there are a variety of ways to get Festival Playlist points during the Series 1 Summer Season, such as finding the New Heights treasure, taking a photograph of Casa Bella, and joining in The Eliminator, Forza Horizon 5’s multiplayer battle royale mode.
    The Second Way: Players Obtain it from Wheelspins or Super Wheelspins in Forza Horizon 5
    It is not easy for players to obtain a specific car from a Wheelspin or Super Wheelspin. Meanwhile, you can obtain the Delorean without spending any Credits. On the other hand, the most stable way to obtain a Delorean is to purchase from the Auction House, which allows players buy and sell cars to each other in the game. 
    When you are stay at Horizon Festival, the Auction House is displayed in the “Buy and Sell” menu. Players can enter the festival by Selecting “Buy New & Used Cars” from the “Cars” tab, and have the chances to have a good experience in the large Mexican map.
    Then, players can press “ Search Auctions” and change the “Make” to Delorean. You can have chances to see all of the options. Players can buy this famous car outright or compete with others. 
    In Forza Horizon 5, the Delorean may not be the fastest car for players. If players expect to drive this car in order to compete with others in the Legendary vehicle, you can tune it from Starting D Class to High S2. You can change tunes from the Garage tab when you are at the Horizon Festival.
    Players can change Auto Upgrade to a higher class in Upgrades and Tuning menu, or use Custom Upgrade to customize the car specifically. Meanwhile, players can also find some good tunes that made by other players in the “Find Tuning Setups”. Most of novice players will choose this easiest way to take advantage of good tune setup.
    Players can find some special and famous cars that are not common in the reality in Forza Horizon 5. They may expect to find ways to collect or buy these cars in their garage. Whether displaying these famous cars in the garage or driving them along the way, they may be happy to enjoy the fantastic experience in the game. The fun of driving the dream car in the game is so good that can’t be shown in the real world. In order to purchase these famous cars, players can BUY Forza Horizon 5 Credits to purchase them from the Auction House or other players. It is happy to drive the fantasy car on the road in the game. Cheap Forza Horizon 5 Credits are available on
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