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    Halo Infinite Game Guide: How to Complete Bring Sheila Home Safely Achievement

    Due to the coming of Halo Infinite campaign, players can experience Master Chief’s adventures on Zeta Halo. And there are some secret achievements that are hidden in the mission list. Most players are trying to complete these secret achievements as soon as possible. Just like Bring Sheila Home Safely Achievement, players are eager to know how to complete them. You can find guides from this article. In addition, players can buy Halo Infinite Halo Credits to find some essential items that can be used to protect character in the battles, they will make you survive longer than before when fighting. 

    What is the Bring Sheila Home achievement in Halo Infinite?
    The Bring Sheila Home Safely achievement is a campaign achievement in Halo Infinite. This achievement requires players to not get the Scorpion destroyed while en route to the “House” during “The Road” campaign mission. The tank featured during this campaign mission was named “Sheila” following the tank’s appearance in the Red vs. Blue series.
    Bring Sheila Home Safely Details
    This secret achievement can only be unlocked within Mission 13 called The Road. As its name suggests, Halo: Infinite players are given a tank to use as they approach a house at the end of a long stretch of road. Bring Sheila Home Safely requires that players make it to the house with the tank fully intact, something which is made much more difficult as the path is lined with plenty of enemies as well as highly damaging vehicles like Dropships and Wraiths.
    Thankfully, there are a different ways players can approach this mission to bring Sheila home safely for 10 gamerscore.
    How to Complete Bring Sheila Home Safely Achievement
    In the mission The Road, you will need to bring the tank, dubbed Shiela after Red Vs Blue, all the way to the House. The House is the structure at the end of the mission. The main thing to remember is to take this mission slow and keep your tank alive.
    You will encounter plenty of enemy threats such as the Banished Dropships and Wraiths throughout the mission. These enemy vehicles can deal large amounts of damage by targeting you and your allies from afar, especially with many of their infantry coming equipped with explosives.
    There are two times you need to exit your scorpion. First, you will approach a gate with a Hunter. Kill the Hunter and then climb over the gate on foot. Use your AI scan to locate the device needed to drop the gate. It is in the building directly in front of the gate. Once it has been lowered, climb back in and continue.
    The second time comes at the end. In front of the House is a bridge that is folded. Climb out of your scorpion and go up to the platform to your left. The control to extend the gate is at the end of this platform. With the bridge in place, you are free to drive Shiela in and claim your achievement.
    The final method is to complete several of the mission’s checkpoints on foot. Players can leave Sheila at the spawning location and progress up until the bridge checkpoint. Extend the bridge across to the “House” where they will then backtrack to the tank and drive it all the way to earn the achievement.
    Players can try to experiment these steps in the game in order to complete this secret achievement, and if you have some problems about it, just try to do it for several times. The secret achievement is not easy to complete for players. And if you are looking for useful weapons, you can Buy Halo Infinite Credits to purchase the suitable weapons for character. Cheap prices about Halo Infinite Credits are available on
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