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    How to Become A CEO and Make Big Money in GTA Online
    PS4 Games   PC Games   Xbox One Games   GTA Online CEO Guide   2019-01-15 08:52:49

    Corruption and crime in GTA Online just went big time, With the new CEO opportunities first introduced for VIPs and expanded them so that players can build a city-wide contraband distribution service.

    You’re no longer a petty crook, a professional thief or gun for hire. With the Finance and Felony update you have the opportunity to become the CEO of your own business, employ staff, and Destroy your rivals across Blaine Country and Los Santos with ease from the help of your own business.

    CEO Bussiness

    How to make yourself a CEO in GTA Online
    The first step is going to be the office. You’ll have to buy an office in order to register yourself as a CEO. There are four to choose from and you’ll find them for sale on the Dynasty 8 Executive website on your phone. Hope you’ve got plenty of money saved up, you’re going to need it. Here are the prices:
    Maze Bank Tower: $4 million
    Lombank West: $3.1 million
    Arcadius Business Center: $2.25 million
    Maze Bank West: $1 million
    At this moment you can also customize the office with a safe, gun locker, decor and living quarters. You can hire an Executive Assistant to cover up the miscellaneous matters like calling Pegasus vehicles, getting a carpool wherever you are or ordering free snacks and etc.
    Registering Yourself As The CEO
    After you’ve bought an office, you can successfully register yourself as the CEO as shown in the video below:


    After you’ve made yourself a CEO, you can now recruit associates as well, very similar to the previous VIP privileges. There are a lot of benefits to being a CEO, some of them are listed below:
    CEO Benefits

    All existing VIP/Bodyguard benefits will carry over to CEOs and Associates.
    Buying property (office, warehouses) unlocks new special vehicles.
    CEOs with an office received extended benefits in addition to all existing VIP benefits, including: permanent uptime as CEO, no cooldown period, no bank balance requirement, and more.

    Associate Benefits

    Loyalty bonus to wages for consecutively completed Special Cargo missions.
    Increased Health Regen cap.
    CEO proximity RP bonus increased.
    Associates earn wages as Bodyguards did in Executives and Other Criminals, however the wage they are paid by SecuroServ can increase for every consecutive Buy or Sell mission the CEO completes (up to a max of $10,000).
    Buying Special Cargo
    To buy Special Cargo, you’re going to need to start a Buy mission from the SecuroServ computer in your office. The SecuroServ computer comes with the office. Make sure you have Associates with you beforehand, as the missions are multi-parted. Each and every buy missions ranges in difficulty and depends on how many Special Cargo crates you want to buy; one (very easy), two or three (hardest). There are 20 buy missions in total, with each ranging in difficulty.
    Buying warehouse
    You can see all available warehouses to buy on a 3D map on the boardroom table in your office. warehouses come in three sizes – small, medium and large. If you don’t have a lot of cash or prefer the cautious approach, buy a small warehouse now as they can be sold on at a later time, much like normal properties. A small warehouse holds 16 Special Cargo crates, a medium warehouse holds 42 Special Cargo crates, and a large warehouse holds 111 Special Cargo crates. You can own up to five warehouses at a time. If you lack money to buy a warehouse, come to for Cheap GTA 5 Money and GTA 5 Boosting, the cheapest online in-game currency store with fast delivery. Additionally, every customer can enjoy up to 3% discount at our website by using coupon code “5MMO”.
    Defending warehouse
    Although your warehouse can’t be attacked by other players, they can be attacked by the local gangs of Los Santos. So always keep an eye on your warehouse. The more Special Cargo you have stored in a warehouse, the more likely it is to attract attention, so never stockpile goods for too long.
    Whenever you get a warning of your warehouse being attacked, defend it with everything you have because failing it would be a deal breaker and all of the hard work and time spent will get wasted.

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