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    How to Rob a Jewelry Store in Jailbreak.
    PC Games   Xbox One Games   Roblox Guides   Roblox Game   2018-09-30 09:05:54
    The Jewelry Store is a classic heist location with a pretty rewarding payout in jailbreak, one of the five buildings that criminal can rob, the others being the Bank, the Museum, the Donut Shop and the Gas Station. Since robing a Jewelry Store doesn’t need a keycard, it is the most frequently robbed place. Direct parachute path to the Criminal Base seems to be a pretty easy escape route for experienced criminals. However, the obstacles in Jewelry Store can be difficult for even experienced players. Once a Jewelry Store is robbed, it will be closed for five minutes before opening again.

    jewelry store

    Prepare necessary items
    There are three main items you should prepare. First, of course,it is the weapon,since there may be camping cops at the top of the building waiting to arrest you and cops hiding inside the building. For your attention, is the best online currency store where you can use the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount. The second item is a glider which would be a big help if your parachute fails to work,especially when you try to deploy the parachute on the Jewelry Store on the ground for few seconds allowing cops to have time to arrest you. The last item is Donut in case you are on low health.

    Enter a Jewelry Store.
    Once the lights are on and the “closed”sign is off, walk up to one of the two “X”s on the ground. A laser cutter will appear and begin to slice through the glass, which takes about two seconds. Then a short gap appears and you can crawl through the slot and enter the store. For your attention, during your robing, cops might also entering the store through the glass slot.Besides, you can enter the Jewelry Store by getting a headless head and the zombie animation pack.

    After entering the store,There are lasers on the outside edge floor that can take 20% of your health away, so you need to avoid the laser. Punch the glass cases containing jewelry four times to break the glass and steal money. As soon as you break one glass case, metal doors will drop over the windows, blocking any more criminals or cops from entering. It worth mentioning that if multiple people are robbing Jewelry Store, it might take some time for everyone to get a full bag,since the glass cases take time to regenerate.


    Escape from the store
    To begin escaping, walk up the stairs on the left back wall,inside a recess.There are cameras on the first “trapped floor”. To avoid the cameras, you can look down the ground and avoid going into red circles on the ground which moves with a camera. Study their patterns and dodge between hiding spots.

    On the second floor of the Jewelry Store, there a large open floor with moving red lasers and there are cameras you should avoid. If you want to buy Cheap Roblox Robux, kindly visit where you can get what you want at the cheapest price online. Before you walk through, do remember to press the red button on the wall to spray gas that will reveal invisible lasers that can hurt you.(though you can see them without pressing the button) and must avoid the lasers since each laser does a hard 20 damage.

    The last and final floor is easy. Walk up to any shaft to any door and exit to the roof.There are three door options: the grey path leading to the right door, the blue path leading to the middle door, and the red path leading to the left door.Then you can either go down the ladder, to the bottom left of the center shaft or parachute out and down into the criminal base/shipping yard. The parachute method are oftentimes recommended herein as it gives the criminal robbing the most time & probability to get their money.
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