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    New World Crafting System: The Developer Needs Revise the Crafting System Again for Players

    Although New World has released for two months and attracted a lot of players, it has a long term that trapped in the rough patch. There are some obvious problems in New World. Players find that the duplication glitch has made the game break down for a long time. While the developer has not taken action in time, which makes players feel annoyed about New World. Moreover, players can buy New World Gold to purchase essential items for character in the process of completing quests, which makes your character keep energetic along the way. 
    These secret changes were pushed with New World's latest major patch, the Into the Void update from less than two weeks ago, and some of them finish punishing solo players who make content drought and utilize ways to acquire better gear simply. Another change was made to how the crafting system in New World work, it is hard for players to make any skill to Level 200 because of a large improvement in the XP that used to upgrade professions. Amazon Game Studios originally planed to make the change but also improve the XP players could obtain for each of their crafts in order to balance things around, but this plan has been broken down, and players have no plans about how to improve crafting skills effectively.
    How New World Crafting System Changed and How to Turn It Back
    Gathering skills and crafting skills are associated with each other, because players can spend their time gathering resources freely in the world, and then return to a settlement to refine them and then craft items out of them. However, it is not free for players to complete this process, when players are going to craft high-level items with rare materials, crafting take a lot of money on players' finaces. Which means that it should be worthwhile to do both in terms of XP and realted economic gains. In fact, unluckily, there are flawed design choices in New World.
    When the November update comes, New World players no longer obtain a lot of XP points when crafting items, which means that their trade skills are often much lower in level than those who crafted in the former version. In fact, the change to XP was not implemented retroactively, while some players who had already reached level 200 in their desired crafting skills could and still can benefit from them, whereas everybody else has to spend more time and resources to reach that same goal. In order to provide an approximate estimate, players who crafted 100 high-level items when staying at level 150 of the corresponding crafting skill would most likely end at level 190 to 220, whereas now 200 of those same items take someone from 150 to around 170.
    It isn't fair for players who want to upgrade related skills, and it makes it much more expensive and frustrating to upgrade trade skills as in reality that's pretty much the endgame for solo players at the moment. So, New World needs to revise its crafting system once again, but this time either make retroactive changes or simply make it less frustrating for everyone to level up.
    Players are disappointed with the actions the developer has taken towards the Crafting system. They need to earn more XP and find more resources to upgrade trade skills. Players can BUY New World Coins to purchase rare materials that can be crafted into rare weapons or armor for character. You can find cheap prices about New World Coins on
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