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    New World Quest Guide: Burden of Atonement Quest Guide and How to Complete this Quest easily in New World

    In New World, players will face many different kinds of quest which need players to complete. There are also plenty of creative and challenging quests for players to accomplish. The Burden of Atonement Quest is one of the most challenging quests in New World. However, it is a good idea for players to upgrade levels of weapons to fight against enemies. They can buy New World Gold to craft high-tier weapons for character and prepare for the next fight in New World.

    Burden of Atonement Quest Introduction
    The requirement of Burden of Atonement Quest is that players should reach the level 60 and ask players to bring an offering to an alter to make an apology for Killing the Dryads in New World.  This quest seems easy for players to complete. However, the alter is located in a complex area where is filled with a lot of enemies. So, players need guide to help them in completing this quest. You should look it through carefully.

    Find Herbalist Madilon Langlais
    The first thing to start this quest is to find the location of Herbalist Langlais, who is located at the docks in the settlement near Shallowed Time in the Reekwater region which you can see it on the map. And Herbalist Madilon Langlais will give players the offerings and the location for the altar.
    Find Mysterious Altar
    Seen it from the map, the Altar is located deep the swamp of Fisher’s Glory. Players can travel from the wooden gateway in the north, keep going on the path with the wooden encampment on the left and then go down. When they find that there is a blue glowing light coming from the mossy clump near the swamp where is at the bottom of the hill. 
    Players should ensure that enemies are killed before you place the offerings, the rest of enemies will block the way to next phase of this quest. So you should remember to clear the enemies at first.
    Dyrad’s Trial of Penance
    While the offering is placed, the Dyrad’s Trial of Penance will start and players should have to beat all the different kinds of enemies that will spawn. The enemies’ level ranges from Level 59-61. The list of enemies includes the Earthward Detonator, Sunderer, Elder, Stalker, a Swamp Dryad Creeper, and lastly the massive Sufferance of the Elders creature. Players should use ranged weapons in New World as much as possible, because plenty of the enemies use close combat, you just need watch out for projectiles which can make poison damage during combat.
    When you finish the quest, you should go back to the settlement and talk to Madilon to accomplish the quest. Players will be rewarded for some items, such as the Journeyman’s Treads armor piece in New World, 3750 XP and 157.50 Coins.
    Players can travel around the continent to find different NPC who are standing somewhere in the continent, and they can accept different types of quests to accomplish them for XP, weapons, gear, or Gold in New World. It is interested for players to experience various scenes of combat and stories than any other game on the internet. The various quests in New World is attractive and creative for players to explore fully. If you have difficulty in completing challenging quests in the game, it is a good idea for you to see some quest guide for help. 
    Just like Burden of Atonement Quest, if you have known the way about how to find the main objective in the quest and tips for combat against enemies, it is easy for you to complete this quest. If you want to equip better gear for your character in New World, you can buy New World Coins to buy them in the Trading Post. It is a good way to select suitable gear for your character. Cheap New World Coins are sale on
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