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    Pro Tips on Dominating New Survival Mode in Fallout 76
    Fallout 76 new Survival Mode is now available since the release of Fallout 76 patch 7.5. Unlike original Adventure Mode, the new Survival mode features high-stakes PvP with little to no restrictions. So, if you are a player who are more into a more competitive and dangerous game mode, you should try it. And here are some tips and tricks to help you dominate the Survival Mode and win the matches.


    Be well geared up. You’ll need Stealth sniper, Bolstering Armor with Bloodied weapons. Also have an Exterminators explosive hunting rifle for other bloodied builds.Then there are the vats accuracy and critical perks to help. People invest to much in armor rather than a decent weapon set. Personally, I often use Lever action, the base damage when health is at 15% is 700+ and I can up that with perks. Critical is a must for me too, vats headshots for those hard bastards in Sentinel is a god send. Have all the perks that boost rifle and exp damage, people say it’s poo but I have over 70 kills now and I'm rolling in caps lol. Stealth wins survival hands down, regardless of level.
    Don't forget to throw a grenade and vats it for a little surprise. Run and drop mines, grenades etc. Leave your power armor behind to lol, that shit is worthless even with all the modifications.
    Second, Location. The train stations and pretty much everything near Vault 76 are res killing, newbie killing zones. The Psychos like to sit outside a train station or vault 76 and just murder everyone who zones in over and over , but eventually they get killed and then they are farmed.  The Hunters are typically a team and always the top 3 players. They tend to either setup bases at the workshops or build a massive C.A.M.P somewhere and let people come try to kill them. So they are pretty stationary. You can find their base by simply looking for the piles of red skulls on the map indicating a dead player's loot. Therefore, stay away from these places and head to the Ash Heap, the cranberry bog, the far far north in the toxic heap or the Mire. 
    Fast travelling is a problem due to the campers, I've found a little way of bypassing them or at least making it harder, get the chameleon serum and take off your armor then fast travel, it's still active when you arrive at your destination, although is doesn't seem as a effective when respawning although it still works.
    Lastly place just your camp node in a Bush by your favorite spawning train station so you can respawn a little bit away from where they think your gong to spawn. Gives you a chance to get your stuff back and also some caps. I've played now for 7 hours and I'm up 21k caps, it's easy money, plus it's fun. I now have a shit load of chems, radaway and stims... But best of all dogfood and Ionized meat, which we all know is the best food in game. I'm a bloodied build so I'll be selling off radx and radaway for cheap in bulk. 

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