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Shooting Guide for Rainbow Six Siege Hibana on PC
PC Games   News & Patches   Rainbow Six Siege Guides   2018-08-06 10:45:58
All 36 operators in R6 has their unique gameplay style, and their correct open mode. As for Hibana, one of the most popular operator in our R6, use Type-89 assault rifle and SuperNova shotgun as primary weapon, you can use them from the beginning to end of the game, but you need to use the secondary weapons P229 handgun and Bearing 9 machine pistol sometimes. The P229 is a powerful handgun that can save you from emergent situations, for example when you are refill your ammo for Type-89.

R6 Hibana Guide

Hibana means spark in Japanese, in Rainbow Six Siege she is like a mix of Ash and Thermite for her fast speed and powerful guns. Obviously, the gameplay of Hibana should be a lonely killer, hidden in dark before preys come into view. She doesn’t equip heavy armor, so you need to know how to protect yourself when be aimed by opponents. Oftentimes, you hide behind obstacles and move towards another direction to counterattack. Go all out to fire when your allies attract enemies’ attemtion. Do not just press the fire button as always, if you want to focus on one point shot, you need to press your gun to let the bullet trajectory stably aiming at one point. The recoil of your guns are different, play more the master the force of pressing guns.
This is a pure tactical guide for Hibana, but you can also see some farming tips. The following Operators are great picks for anyone learning the ins and outs of Rainbow Six Siege, and will help you grasp the fundamentals of playing both the Attacker and Defender sides. To play more isn’t a useful tip for you, if you want to unlock more operators in R6, just buy our cheap credits. Why not relieve yourself from endless farming works with a little money? If you think to farm R6 credits from repetitive games without your favorite operators interesting, just keep going.

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