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    R6 Credits
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    PC - Only for accounts sold by 5MMO PC - Applicable to all Accounts Xbox One/Xbox Series

    R6 Credits - PC - Only for accounts sold by 5MMO

    Special reminder: The following products are only applicable to the account purchased on this website( If the account is not purchased on our website, please select PC - applicable to all accounts), If you want to buy discount recharge service, please Check to Buy an R6 Account on Our website first!
  • 16000 Credits16000 Credits

    PC - Only for accounts sold by 5MMO 16000 Credits

    999.00 USD

  • 32000 Credits32000 Credits

    PC - Only for accounts sold by 5MMO 32000 Credits

    1978.02 USD

  • R6 Credits - PC - Applicable to all Accounts

    Inventory status: in stock!
    Delivery Time: 1 Hours - 2Hours
    Please do not login the account while we working on your order!
    If we have any problem about your order, we will contact you by email!
  • 4920 Credits4920 Credits

    PC - Applicable to all Accounts 4920 Credits

    3043.94 USD

  • 7560 Credits7560 Credits

    PC - Applicable to all Accounts 7560 Credits

    4630.50 USD

  • 16000 Credits16000 Credits

    PC - Applicable to all Accounts 16000 Credits

    9702.00 USD

  • R6 Credits - Xbox One/Xbox Series

    Inventory status: in stock!
    Delivery Time: 1 Hours - 2Hours
    Please do not login the account while we working on your order!
    If we have any problem about your order, we will contact you by email!
    43% Off
  • 32000 Credits32000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 32000 Credits

    100.00 USD 56.96 USD

  • 43% Off
  • 48000 Credits48000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 48000 Credits

    150.00 USD 85.01 USD

  • 44% Off
  • 64000 Credits64000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 64000 Credits

    200.00 USD 112.78 USD

  • 44% Off
  • 80000 Credits80000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 80000 Credits

    250.00 USD 140.27 USD

  • 44% Off
  • 96000 Credits96000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 96000 Credits

    300.00 USD 167.48 USD

  • 44% Off
  • 112000 Credits112000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 112000 Credits

    350.00 USD 194.42 USD

  • 45% Off
  • 128000 Credits128000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 128000 Credits

    400.00 USD 221.08 USD

  • 45% Off
  • 160000 Credits160000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 160000 Credits

    500.00 USD 274.97 USD

  • 45% Off
  • 320000 Credits320000 Credits

    Xbox One/Xbox Series 320000 Credits

    1000.00 USD 547.19 USD

  • (Rainbow Six Siege) R6 Credits Account

    72% Off
  • 16000 Credits16000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 16000 Credits

    100.00 USD 27.98 USD

  • 72% Off
  • 32000 Credits32000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 32000 Credits

    200.00 USD 55.40 USD

  • 73% Off
  • 48000 Credits48000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 48000 Credits

    300.00 USD 82.27 USD

  • 73% Off
  • 64000 Credits64000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 64000 Credits

    400.00 USD 108.60 USD

  • 73% Off
  • 80000 Credits80000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 80000 Credits

    500.00 USD 134.39 USD

  • 73% Off
  • 96000 Credits96000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 96000 Credits

    600.00 USD 159.66 USD

  • 74% Off
  • 112000 Credits112000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 112000 Credits

    700.00 USD 184.41 USD

  • 74% Off
  • 128000 Credits128000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 128000 Credits

    800.00 USD 208.65 USD

  • 74% Off
  • 160000 Credits160000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 160000 Credits

    1000.00 USD 258.20 USD

  • 74% Off
  • 320000 Credits320000 Credits

    XBOX One -R6 Standard Edition + 320000 Credits

    2000.00 USD 511.24 USD

  • 70% Off
  • 10000 Credits10000 Credits

    R6 Account (Uplay Standard Edition)+ 10000 Credits

    106.99 USD 32.54 USD

  • 16000 Credits16000 Credits

    R6 Account With (Uplay Deluxe Edition)+ 16000 Credits

    999.00 USD

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    R6 Credits
    Uplay 20% Discount Code
    Important notice Before purchase:  Please read it carefully, or you may not receive credits successfully!
    1. If you want to purchase credits (especially more than 16000 credits), please make sure you didn't purchase anything from Ubisoft store during last one week( Even click on any in-game purchase ). It is not only about Rainbow six Siege, but also for any Ubisoft games. 
    2. Please confirm if the status of credits purchase were blocked in your store. If it shows blocked, please don't buy credits here.
    3. 16000 credits can only be recharged every 15 daysIf you want to purchase multiple 16000 credits pack, once we recharged the first 16000 pack,  you need to wait 15 days more before next purchase

    Notification while order in processing:

    1. Please Provide Us Your Uplay Account Information: (The Uplay Account Should A Be Email Address) We Will Deliver The R6 Credits To Your Account. 
    2. Please turn off the Google Authenticator and 2-step verification, you can also send us online verification code after placed order.
    3. If you were kicked off from the game while online,  do not login back immediately and please wait 10 minutes to re-login.  We will note your order as complete if you keep kicking us off while we working on your order! Please be careful!

    Guide for Rainbow Six Siege Credits & Renown
    Rainbow Six Siege is a shooting video game, different with traditional FPS games, it emphasized on Tactical mainly. Ubisoft developed and published this game for PC, PS4, and XB1 in 2015, and became an eSports game in 2018 in ESL. Gamers enjoying the game in Hostage, Bomb, Secure Area, Tactical Realism, Terrorist Hunt, Situations, and Outbreak modes to complete all kinds of tasks with partners, by properly using their weapons and auxiliaries and co-op. When acting as counter-terrorist, you can choose from up to 150 operators as your character, which feature unique loadouts, armors and move speed. It’s became the most populated game on Steam, thanks to AnvilNext game engine. To unlock more operators to enjoy the different experience in the game, you need to win more matches to earn renown, or just spend credits to unlock operators directly instead. If you want to get more credits you can read R6 Guide on If you want to buy Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits you can also find it on our site. Compare our price and service with other sites, we are the best R6 Credits store so we never afraid comparison. We offer services of Credits account and Credits recharge for PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms. Our professional veteran R6 staffs will guarantee the safe of payment and delivery for you. R6 Gift Card for tons of Credits on Sale on Wish all customers in R6 Siege can get their favorite operators and weapon skins.

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