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    Elden Ring Game Guide: How to Obtain Black Knife Armor Set in Elden Ring

    Players are eager to discover suitable armor sets for their characters in Elden Ring. Although weapons provide powerful damage for enemies, they also need equip good armor sets to prevent attack from enemies along the road. The basic armor sets have the stable protection stats and weight attributes, players can select the suitable armor sets to build a good customized character in Elden Ring. In order to kill more high levels of bosses, you need to equip good Elden Ring Items to improve the attack damage towards enemies in Elden Ring. 
    If players want to build the ultimate assassin character in Elden Ring, they will need to find a specific armor sets that not only improve their protection but also makes them hidden outside. I think that the Black Knife Armor Set is the best item for players to build the assassin character. Some characteristics are fit for the style of assassin character in Elden Ring. Like its dark colors, shrouded appearance, and menacing hood. So, players want to know how to obtain Black Knife Armor Set in Elden Ring. 

    How to Obtain Black Knife Armor Set in Elden Ring
    The Black Knife Armor Set is one of the coolest-looking sets in Elden Ring, and it's perfect for those that are wanting to cosplay as an Assassain or Rogue. That said, the Black Knife Armor Set also has its own unique perk. Similar to the Assassin's Approach incantation or the Crepus's Vial talisman, the armor pieces actually help to muffle a player's movements, making them much harder to hear.
    To get the Black Knife Amor Set in Elden Ring, players must reach the Mountaintops of the Giants, the region to the far north of the Lands Between. After passing through the Stormveil Castle, Tarnished must travel across Liurnia and the Atlus Plateau. Yet, the Atlus Plateau is not accessible until players have activated the Grand Lift of Dectus by collecting the two halves of the Dectus Medallion. Once players have made their way through the massive Royal Capital of Leyndell, they can travel to the Grand Lift of Rold.
    The Grand Lift of Rold will let players enter the east side of the Mountaintops of the Giants in Elden Ring. Still, the left side will stay inaccessible until Tarnished have acquired another medallion similar to the one required for the Dectus Lift. Specifically, the Haligtree Secret Medallion is used to operate the Grand Lift of Rold in a way that grants passage to a hidden path leading to the Consecrated Snowfield. From here, players will then be able to travel northwest to the Liturgical Town of Ordina and find the Black Knife Set.
    As soon as players step into the Consecrated Snowfields, they'll want to head North. It can be difficult to see the surrounding area, so players should focus on keeping their compass pointed North until they can come out on the other side of the low-visibility area. There are many small cliffs that look as if they drop on forever, but players should be safe to drop down most of them without dying. Once players are far enough North, they should spot what appears to be an abandoned town with magical seals throughout it, similar to Sellia. At the start of the town there is a Site of Grace hidden behind a small wall.
    Once you arrive at Ordina, look for the Black Knife Armor on a dead body underneath an alcove there. We’ve marked the exact location in our screenshot gallery down bellow. This will get you the full Black Knife Armor Set, which consists of: Black Knife Hood, Black Knife Armor, Black Knife Gauntlets, and Black Knife Greaves. The armor is very unique-looking, with a translucent cape giving it an especially ominous vibe. 
    Players can also try to find more armor sets to fit for their unique builds of characters in Elden Ring. You can Buy Elden Ring Items to purchase the necessary weapons for characters in order to defeat more powerful enemies in Elden Ring. 
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