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    Elden Ring Greatswords Guide: The List of Best Greatswords in Elden Ring

    Elden Ring provides a lot of different kinds of weapons for players in the build of characters. Players can build unique characters with unique weapons in the game. While, some players are interested in the Greatswords. They are willing to build the characters with the Greatswords. We are going to list the best Greatswords of Elden Ring in this article. Players can get Cheap Elden Ring Items to equip characters with the best weapons or gears in the game. 
    How to Select the Best Greatswords in Elden Ring
    Sword of Milos
    The Sword of Milos is a unique greatsword that scales equally with strength and dexterity. In addition to its wicked appearance, this weapon stands above other greatswords due to its ability to build up blood loss with basic attacks, making it a great pair for other greatswords like the flamberge or spiked shields. Additionally, this weapon restores a small portion of the wielder’s FP with each enemy killed, making it useful for those who rely heavily on spells or skills. But that’s not all, the Sword of Milos is bound with a unique skill that not only decreases all resistances of nearby enemies but alters the player’s heavy attacks to be easier to chain. This greatsword is the blade of choice for those wanting to turn swarms of enemies into quivering piles of chopped liver.
    Golden Order Greatsword
    This golden and bright Greatsword was modeled after the Elden Ring itself. Infused with light, the Golden Order Greatsword deals a considerable amount of Holy damage. It also prevents skeletons from reviving and deals +20% damage to Undead enemies.
    Golden Order Greatsword requires a decent amount of Faith and Dexterity to be able to wield. This can make it a fun weapon to use in the game, but as you get closer to later bosses, you'll have a tough time using it due to their Holy resistance. Regardless, it's still a worthy weapon to have in your inventory.
    Blasphemous Blade
    The Blasphemous Blade is one of the most popular weapons to be used in faith builds for Elden Ring. The Blasphemous Blade is an awesome weapon that will restore 4% of max HP + 40 HP at every enemy death while wielded, and that is before the health boost that you get from its weapon skill, Taker’s Flames. Its basic attacks also have the added bonus of dealing fire damage. The Blasphemous Blade uses somber smithing stones to upgrade.
    Gargoyle's Blackblade
    Gargoyle's Blackblade is a terrifying greatsword that can be obtained outside the Beastial Sanctum by slaying Black Blade Kindred. He is a servant of one of the best bosses in Elden Ring: Maliketh, the Black Blade himself.
    This weapon scales to Strength and Faith making it a perfect weapon to wield for those who later wish to use the Colossal Sword, Maliketh's Black Blade. Gargoyle's Blackblade also possesses a unique skill that sends a burst of red-charged energy forward in a trailing pillar. Much like Maliketh's sword, this skill eats away at the enemy's health but only does so for a duration of 2 seconds.
    Grafted Blade Greatsword
    This Greatsword is best for damaging your opponent with lethal and high damage armor attacks performed repeatedly, making the Grafted Balde a dangerous weapon to use. Even though the attacks performed are slow, you can still land a few blows that deal a significant amount of damage.
    Using its Oath of Vengeance unique skill, you are able to boost your attributes and poise. You can find this weapon after defeating Leonine Misbegotten at Castle Morne.
    We have listed several best Greatswords in Elden Ring. Players who want to build the character with Greatswords can consider these mentioned weapons. In addition, you can Buy Elden Ring Items to find the suitable weapons or gears instead of wasting time on searching in the game.
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