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    How to Improve Your Ball Selection in 8 Ball Poll
    PC Games   Mobile Games   Ball Selection Guide   8BP Guides   2018-12-27 08:43:30
    For many 8 Ball pool gamers, especially beginners, they may feel comfortable when it comes to potting balls but they feel struggled when it comes to choosing what balls to take or choosing what ball to shoot when attempting to run out a rack. Fortunately, in this ball selection guide, we’ve put together some useful tips and tricks from experience player to make it easier for you.

    Ball Selection

    Experienced player number 1: With every shot in eight ball, one of the first things I evaluate is whether the conditions on the table are statistically viable for a run out or not. I spend a few moments looking at the various patterns and lines to get around the table. If the run out looks highly probable, I begin building a more detailed road map of how I will move to get to each ball. If the run out is simply not there, or the run out would include breaking out balls or other conditions that are difficult to predict the outcome of, then I generally shift gears and enter a defensive mindset.

    With every turn at the table, my main goal is to improve the relative situation of my set compared to my opponents set of balls. This can be accomplished by offensive play such as pocketing balls, or with strategic play by carefully breaking out your balls while hooking your opponent to prevent them from seeing a favorable position when they return to the table. I generally use a roughly-estimated statistical evaluation of each potential shot choice to determine how I play my turn. I know my own strengths and weaknesses, and often I know my opponent's strengths and weaknesses as well. I pick the shot (offensive or defensive) that gives me what I feel is the highest statistical chance to predict the outcome accurately. I look around the table and find a handful of really bad "zones" which offer my opponent minimal shot opportunities. I decide which of these zones is easiest to get to, and I compare the location of these zones with subsequent shots in my run out patterns. Anytime I shoot offensive shots to pocket my balls, I make an effort to play shape for my next shot inside one of these zones that would be rough for my opponent to shoot out of.

    Experienced player number 2: first, the ball you want to make. secondly, The next ball you want to make plus the position on that ball to leave you the position on ball. Last, as you pot, then you keep adding in a new number 3 ball as at where!.

    I found this helped when i started out, however as i developed my ability i found it hindered me as i was overthinking things and have learned that, at least for me, is to have more of a general idea of how i will run the balls.

    One other good piece of advice is to try and break out difficult balls early. Don’t leave it until your last free ball before you try to break it out, if you miss the breakout on your last free shot you have no next shot. Wanna get yourself a legendary cue to maximize hitting accuracy? Come and buy Cheap 8 Ball Pool Coins from, a reliable,cheap and fast online in-game currency store.


    Experienced player number 3:When I am considering shot options with the goal of running a rack knowing the opportunity is there with how the balls laid out I use one major general rule of thumb.

    Which shot will likely leave the cue all towards the center of the table. This simply -- in my experience -- gives me the highest probability of staying out of trouble.
    With that in mind I tend to find shots that reduce the opportunity for the cue ball to run wild: aka aggressive angle shots unless I'm comfortable using the rails without bumping balls.

    Systematically this has helped me with my success rates. If I'm in a situation where the likelihood of keeping control of the cue ball is against me I prefer to keep my balls up on the table and hide behind anything I can to force a ball in hand situation so I can improve my odds.

    The worst for me is running most of the rack and then leaving a wide open table for my opponent. There is a lot more room for error with someone who has a solid pocketing ability.
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