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    How to Play Doc, The Unique Medic in A Defense Team in Rainbow Six Siege
    Among all the operators who are featuring killing opponents in Rainbow Six Siege, Doc fulfills a unique role as the defensive team’s medic. Aside from his healing and reviving effort, of course, he still has lots of other disadvantages. Due to his tanky nature and his ability to support his team with extra health, he is a favorite defender for most players. In this Doc Guide, we’ll be walking thorough all the info of Doc in Rainbow Six Siege and if you want to play the operator, you can buy Cheap Rainbow Six Siege Credits from our website:

    Doc Guide

    Docs Weapon Loadout
    Doc has access to the SG-CQB pump-action shotgun, the P90 submachine gun and the MP5 submachine gun. You can do a fair bit of damage roaming around with the shotgun, but the MP5 is arguably the better gun in most circumstances, especially at medium and long range due to its stable recoil and decent damage. The P90 may have a better firing rate and capacity, but the stability is not particularly great. As for sidearms, he has the P9 and the LFP586. As the LFP586 is a Magnum revolver, it has high damage at the cost of recoil and capacity, so the P9 is more universally useful.
    Docs Skills And Abilities
    The most notable skill about Doc is that he can fire a hypodermic shot from his MPD-0 Stim Pistol to revive either himself or a teammates. Shooting a teammate with the stim pistol will heal your teammates for up to 40 HP, and they'll be given overheal (extra HP over 100 that will slowly decay) if they'd lost less than 40 HP. Shooting a teammate that is down but not out will revive them with 75 HP, as opposed to 50 from getting them up manually. Besides, he can revive himself back up to 75 HP once he's downed, potentially giving him a little over 200 HP in a drawn-out firefight, plus the damage mitigation from his armor.


    Useful Tips for Doc
    First, If you have Doc in your team, don’t forget Rook. Combined with Rook, he can tank the most shots of any operator in the game. Rook’s armor plates allows Doc to more reliably revive teammates that go down. The damage mitigation from the armor also makes the Stim shots even more valuable, because each shot will give even more effective HP than without Rook. With Rook’s plates, try to save your last Stim shot for when you really need it. This could mean reviving a downed teammate or reviving yourself. Being able to pick yourself back up is an extremely valuable ability when the clock is running down and the attackers are pushing the objective. Although Doc has reviving abilities,don't waste your Stim shots by trying to heal someone that's moving. Besides, When playing Ranked, don’t revive the attackers ever. If you're going to be roaming as Doc, the shotgun is a solid choice. Remember to use Alt to walk whenever close to the enemy, as it will make you nearly silent. Once again, if you want to play Doc, come to for Cheap R6 Credits.
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