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    Locations of A Total of 28 Orange Crates in The Division 2
    The Division 2 has unique orange crates that drop weapon dyes along with other gear. These weapon dyes give you access to further customization options for your favorite firearms. They do not enhance or modify the stats of your weapons. Here provide a total of 28 crate locations so that you can have as many different color options for your guns as possible. And if you need Cheap The Division 2 Credits, you can also visit our website.
    Thanks to Redditor u/Kerama-ran who recently provides a list and accompanying screen shots for all the orange weapon crates and was mainly focusing on ones he could get when traveling around. Here’s a map Showing Crate Locations, along with a list specifies the location of each orange crate. 

    Crate Locations

    1 - Just south of DZ East Checkpoint Charlie, there will be a padlocked gate, which you go through, up a ladder onto a lower roof. You then open a door to go inside a room which has another access ladder onto the roof, there's also a gunbox and hyena locked box here.
    2 - North of Air Force One Crash CP, hanging on a tree by the tail wreckage.
    3 - South of Air Force One Crash CP, inside the Botanic Gardens building, caught on the roof.
    4 - North East of Liberty's Call Safehouse, hanging from the corner of a building.
    5 - South of Last Stop Safehouse, taking the exit out will take you up into the car park and its hanging in front of you between two buildings.
    6 - North of Navy Plaza CP, head up the straight and there will be a little alley you can down to the left, with a ladder taking you up to the roof, its hanging above.
    7 - The 1040 Safehouse, exit and take the ladder up onto the roof, will be directly above you.
    8 - West side of the Museum, will see it hanging from the scaffolding next to it. You have to jump up on some container crates and onto the scaffold, then up a rope and drop down onto the next platform to access it. + Map of Location
    9 - In the centre of the building, take some stairs down into the atrium and the crate is hanging from the glass high above you.
    9 - South of Number 9 & South-East of Demolition Site CP, walk into the atrium and the crate is hanging from the glass high above you.
    10 - North East of the White House, caught high up on the side of a building.
    11 - North of White House, on the top street, caught high on the corner of a building on the boundary edge, you have to jump onto a truck and some ledges to access the drop after you've shot it.
    12 - West of The Vault CP, basically in the street behind it, hanging over a padlock gated area.
    13 - East of Toxic Alley CP, in an area that runs between the buildings, caught quite high up on a building edge.
    14 - South of Toxic Alley CP, caught on the corner of a building quite high up, should stand out as it has grey sheeting behind it.
    15 - Directly North of Haunted House CP, you can go down an alley between two buildings and climb up some ventilation ducts onto a scaffold, the crate is caught up there and you can rope down after. The scaffold/parachute is visible from the road when looking up.
    16 - South of Haunted House CP, caught in the trees above the road.
    17 - South of the White House, caught in some trees just off the road.
    18 - South East of The Archive Safe Room, by C. St Northwest & 18th St Northwest, caught on the corner of a building on some scaffolding. You will have to run half way up 18th St and climb up a ledge onto the building and then run back down to the scaffolding to collect the drop.
    19 - South-West of Flooded Levee CP, there is a fountain surrounded by columns, the parachute and crate are caught on them.
    20 - South-West of the Safe House, caught in a tree by the washed up boats.
    21 - North-West of the Lincoln Memorial Mission, caught in a tree just off the side of the road.
    22 - West of Truman Safe House, follow the road west towards Navy Hill CP and on your left is a hidden upper-garden, with a crate caught in the tree, if you go around to the side, you have to shoot the lock off a door and go through and up a scaffold and then drop down into the garden.
    23 - South of the Taxi Graveyard CP, just over the road and caught in the trees.
    24 - South-West of Taxi Graveyard CP, hanging from a crane by the riverside.
    25 - South-East of DZ East Main Entrance, hanging high up on the corner of the Gallery of Modern Art
    26 - West of The Choke CP, caught on the wall of DZ South
    27 - East of West Potomac Safe House, down in the underground in a large room
    28 - South-West of Ivy Tunnel CP, have to climb up a ladder and go through an office building to then circle round and jump down into the fenced area where the crate is.  


    There are still many hidden crates in many main missions or side missions. For more, you can check the video above. Share with us if you find any more orange crates.
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