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    Maplestory 2 Mesos Farming Guide: How to Make Money and Get Rich in MS2
    Players always want to find out the way to get rich in MapleStory 2. In this short article, we will introduce the best and fastest way to get MS2 Mesos to help players to get better experience in this gameplay.


    Daily Missions
    A great and easy way of obtaining some extra meso is by doing the “Get Rich” daily missions. You can do 3 of these per day, per character and are usually very fast to complete. They should only 1-3 minutes each if you have a flying mount. Each “Get Rich” mission will award you a Meso Mission Box, which contains meso pouches. Meso pouches contain between 1-500k each. Doing 3 “Get Rich” missions will net you around 300k mesos and take about 10 minutes to do. You can do this on as many level 50+ characters you have per day.
    Hunting High Level Monsters
    This may not be the most favorable way because it may take a bit of time but you are guaranteed to get a good amount of Mesos when hunting high level enemies. If you can find a good spot that constantly allows you to lure enemies and bring them all in for a kill such as in Lulu Village then that’s a good place to start. To efficiently farm Mesos from enemies you want to make sure you get a large amount of enemies and manage to kill them easily so they respawn again and you may repeat this.
    Into the Dungeons
    Next up is the much more profitable way of earning mesos: dungeon farming. It can be done ten times a day, 30 times a week! There are many dungeons you can farm from, but the most recommended is the Tronix Bunker. It can be finished in mere three to six minutes with a reliable party. Do note that you can only achieve that completion speed if you already have an idea what the dungeon is like, so you should look up the dungeon’s mechanics. A little homework goes a long way indeed. From here, you’ll get not only onyx crystals, which are in high demand and are therefore worth a lot, but also enhancement items and gear for your own class. Speaking of onyx crystals, you can also dismantle gear and get onyx crystals in return!
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