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    How To Complete Fire Dragon Raid in MapleStory 2
    MMORPG   PC Games   Fire Dragon Raid Guide   Boss “Pyrros Fard”   2019-02-14 09:04:55

    The Fire Dragon (FD) is a Maplestory 2 Hard Dungeon Adventure which features the boss “Pyrros Fard”, a big fiery beast. Once you you have finally reached level 50 and have a minimum of 2100 GS (Gear Score) points, you are able to unlock this quest. if you still haven’t, you can also read this fire dragon guide to prepare yourself for the Fire Dragon Raid for the future. This MS2 Fire Dragon Guide will teach you everything you need to know about Pyrros Fard mechanics and strategies.Without further ado, let's get into the preparations.

    Make The Party
    Since it is too hard to complete this quest by yourself, it is better to work with your teammates. So, you need a party of 10 people who are all active. Simply use a smega saying that you are recruiting for the fire dragon raid. Prepare to be flooded with private messages; the demand for this dungeon is absurdly high. In terms of party composition, anything works. Just keep in mind that you absolutely need 1 priest. An ideal party will have 2 priests, or 1 priest and 1 knight. The reason for these classes will be revealed further down. Once you have these 1/2 necessary classes, fill the rest of your party with anybody (first come, first serve). By the way, to rank up higher and unlock fire dragon raid in MapleStory 2, you can come to for Cheap MapleStory 2 Mesos. Not only can you enjoy the cheapest price online, but also you are provided with fast delivery. Moreover, with coupon code “5MMO”, you can enjoy additional 3% off.

    fire dragon


    How To Complete Fire Dragon Raid?

    Part One
    Before an assassin can take on a Hard Mode dungeon boss, you need to know Raid Dragon Layout, as you can see in the above image. You can use these ledges to your advantage to dodge the boss's moves! Also if you get burned, you can jump on the blue parts of the ledge to heal the burn!
    The dragon will use a dashing skill for the most part here. Just keep your camera on him and don't stay in front of him. If you're the one he's targeting dashing off the ledge is always an easy dodge path.Once he's done dodging (he'll be at a corner of the map) he'll use a tail strike attack, either run far enough away, onto the ledge, or grab onto him to dodge. Then he'll use another large radius attack (3 times) that's quite easy to dodge.
    The first of Pyrros Fard’s abilities is his tail-smash attack. It's a medium-ranged slam that hits everyone in an area of approximately 8 square tiles. This does a large amount of damage, so it's better to avoid this. The easiest tell is his tail; it tends to flick and he'll bring it near the edge of the map before smashing it down. Once you see this tail flicking, either run off to the nearest ledge, or simply get out of range.
    The next abilities can vary. Sometimes, the dragon will continue with his dashes and bites, but other times, he will begin one of two abilities: a fire breath, or an AoE stun. The latter shouldn't be a worry at all. The former is simply annoying. All you can do is to avoid the second breath if that happens. Again, not too difficult.
    The third of his abilities is a large fire breath in the direction of the majority of players. For example, if most of the players are on the left (as normally is the case when you're all stacked up), he will breathe in that direction. Simply dodge, or have your priests/knights do their healing/blocking thing again.
    Fourth is his fireball attack. Really annoying, but he essentially rears up on his hind legs and starts shooting fireballs. An interesting thing to note: the fireballs don't do any damage upon impact. Instead, they create small circles of fire on the ground that, after a small amount of time, explode and knock you up to deal a moderate amount of damage. So avoid these circles and you're good.
    Once the boxes disappear and he gets low enough he'll start using his laser skill, which is an almost one shot kill (for squishies not sure about tanks). He stands on his hind legs and begins a short charge up time before using it, dodge it by using the ledge or running into the box.


    Part Two
    Once he hits 20mil hp he'll run away to the next stage. The lava path hurts, stand on blue fairies to get a buff to cross safely. When you do cross WAIT for your priest/knight to come before you start because you NEED them here and the boss starts to attack immediately after you start to hit him.
    First skill combo the boss will use is an undodgeable fire breathe skill twice in a row. You just have to trust your priest/knight doesn't mess up here. After 2 fire breathes he will use a laser skill, jump up the wall onto the ledge to dodge this. If you're only halfway up the laser will still hit you so get a head-start.
    New skill: He'll now shoot fireballs, you can't dodge this by running in the boxes by the way. The fireball lands first (does no damage) then an attack will shoot up at where it landed.
    He'll now start using the skills from part 1 too (besides the dashing) and stop using the aoe firebreathe skill. Now just continue to dodge using the boxes and whittle him down!

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