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    New World Quest Guide: Saircor Quest Guide and How to Complete Saircor Quest Easily in New World

    Players mainly gain XP from completing various quest in New World. Because of the large reward, players should look for different quests to do as much as possible in the game. And there is one such adventure is named The Expedition into Saircor, which can accepted from Gladis Bond in the First Light Settlement around Dayspring. If players are eager to improve their character in advance, you can buy New World Gold to buy suitable gear for your character.
    This quest will not last for a long time, because it is a straightforward way for players to do in the game. Meanwhile, players don’t need to walk a long way to complete the tasks set about by magistrate Bond. You should be prepared for combating with level 20 enemies before going to accomplish this quest in New World.

    First Step: You should go to Saircor Bridge to Find the First Expedition Note
    The first step of this quest is to travel northeast from the First Light Settlement until one reaches a large stone bridge. It is Saircor Bridge where you will find the expedition note required by the quest. You should be careful about this area, and scan this area to find the expedition note, which is labeled by A Prophet of Profit, will be hidden behind some huge stone bricks.
    When you find the note and finish reading about it, your quest will update the objective of entering Saircor fast to go on with the work of the expedition in New World.
    Second Step: You should Discover the Expedition Note in Saircor
    Players will enter Saircor when they cross the bridge, players will find there is one main path leading into the Saircor. You should follow the quest marker through the ruins until you enter an outdoor square dais with a short staircase leading up to it. The next expedition note is next to the right side of the stairs. This one is called Misguided Anthropology.
    After reading this note, the quest will update to the ultimate objective. Players should look for a Tutelary Regent in Saircor and defeat them to gain an Ancient Clay Statuary.
    Third Step: You should Defeat the Tutelary Regent in Saircor
    The Tutelary Regent is near the place where you find the second expedition note. Head to southwest and go to the outside ancient temple to meet the Tutelary Regent, who will wait for players at the top of the stairs.
    Players should not let his guard go down from the stairs lonely, and prepare to beat some groups of weak lackeys. The Regent may gather players by demanding his underlings and make them attack players in turn. The regent will back away and try to throw spears as soon as possible. Players should be smart to deal with the combat and prevent from the ranged attack from the regent while attacking the underlings. Because they may make a large damage to players if they help the regent in the combat.
    When the regent was defeated by players, they will drop the desired Ancient Clay Statuary, along with other goods. And the quest objective will be updated. You should go back to the First Light Settlement near Dayspring and speak to Gladis Bond to complete this quest.
    Fourth Step: You should Complete the Quest and Get the Rewards
    Players should go back to the First Light Settlement where will allow players to turn in the quest to Gladis Bond. Bond will reward the player with some good loot.
    Quest Completion Rewards for the Expedition into Saircor
    1200 XP, 8750 Gold, 20 Azoth
    After accomplishing this quest, you can’t ignore the Gadis Bond, because she will offer more opportunities about quests to players. 
    Players are willing to complete many quests in New World in order to gain more XP and Gold. They can upgrade character and gear in the game. However, players can choose to buy New World Coins to save their time on grinding, you can have more time on experience the New World. Cheap New World Coins are sale on
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