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    Diablo Immortal Best Wizard Build Guide: How to Play the Best Wizard Class

    Many players who have played Diablo Series are interested in the Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal. Players usually play Wizard Class due to its high AoE attacks in the Battlefield. While their low health still confuse a lot of players, you need to know how to build and play well in Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal. In order to get nice gear or items for your characters in Diablo Immortal, you need collect enough Diablo Immortal Platinum and purchase them from the game shop. 

    What’s the Wizard Class in Diablo Immortal?
    Wizards in Diablo Immortal deal incredible amounts of damage through their elemental and arcane magic spells. Though they are soft and squishy, they have the power to annihilate foes before they get anywhere near the spellcaster. Wizards are also one of the classes to put a non-attack ability in their primary rotation, just to keep themselves safe.
    The more a player levels up a Wizard, the more they will start seeing some truly phenomenal cosmic power, and will begin to understand why people love playing it. There is something inherently satisfying about pulling a meteor down from the sky and squishing skeletons under it.
    How to Build the Best Wizard Class 
    Skills For Wizard
    Main skill: Magic Missle (unlocked at level 1)
    Meteor (Unlocked at level 41)
    Arcane Wind (unlocked at level 2)
    Disintegrate (unlocked at level 28)
    Teleport (unlocked at level 15)
    Magic Missile is the best Wizard main skill for single-target damage. You’re going to get plenty of AoE coverage from your other skills, so take Magic Missile to help in boss fights. The ultimate version of Magic Missile is Ice Missile, which deals more damage and slows enemies on hit.
    One of the most satisfying parts about playing a Wizard in Diablo Immortal is the sheer amount of power they have access to. Things start off simple enough with Magic Missle and Scorch as useful spells. By level 18, players will have teleport, a decent attack, and the Scorch/Arcane Wind combo.
    Arcane Wind deals damage and knocks enemies away, and deals 50% more damage to burning enemies. This, combined with Scorch, lobs a fiery ball that also creates a burning trail that deals DOT (damage over time) damage across 6 seconds.
    Attributes For Wizard
    Wizard’s main attribute is Intelligence, which means that Intelligence grants additional damage per point. Wizard’s attribute priorities are:
    Investing your attribute points into Intelligence gives you a flat damage buff of +0.3 and +1 to your total Combat Rating. Your next priority after Intelligence is to allocate points to Fortitude. This gives all attacks the chance to become critical hits by giving you +0.1 Armor Penetration. This attribute also provides +0.1 Armor, which reduces 20% of any damage taken, handy if enemies get too close. Finally, you should put the rest of your points into Willpower, as this increases the duration of any harmful effects enemies suffer from your spells, not to mention your own resistance to any status effects enemies inflict on you.
    Fortitude grants Armor and Armor Penetration, making it a great secondary stat for added damage and survivability. Vitality adds to your life total and can help your Wizard feel slightly less squishy. Willpower grants Potency and Resistance, increasing the duration and debuffs you inflict and reducing the duration of debuffs on you. Strength has no effect on the Wizard beyond the inherent +1 Combat Rating, making it your lowest priority.
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