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    How to Use KV-2 on War Thunder
    PS4 Games   PC Games   Xbox One Games   KV-2 Tank Guide   2019-01-17 09:05:20
    KV-2 is one of most powerful tanks in War Thunder, and few people can still survive to a single shot from this beast. The following is a list of variou KV-2 player you could encounter in War Thunder. Additionally, in this guide, we will also show you how to make the most of KV-2 to kill your enemies easily in the game.


    The Newbie :

    New to the KV2, charges in and dies usually
    Uses HE,deletes a few Panzer F2s
    Will spam in chat how mucn they like the tank
    Consistantly dies to Jumbos, M6A1, and anything heavy
    The Soldat:

    The most common KV2 to encounter
    Covered with Russian markings they cannot understand
    Uses APCBC,fights smart in close quarters
    Gets 3-4 kills before moving on to another vehicle

    The Sneek Breeki

    The 2nd and rarest form of KV-2
    Covered in bushes,like it helps and camps in the back
    Uses AC,picks off tanks from 500-1500 meters
    Enjoy forest and open maps,but will die anywhere else
    Their only true enemy is the M22Locust and other KV-2s

    The Memelord:

    The 3rd  rarest form of KV-2
    Thoroughly enjoys Russian Bias memes and stinkposts
    Easily identified by derpy eyes and Russian chat spam
    Usually plays at 5.7, only dips down to club newer players
    Uses HE, deletes a surprising amount of tanks
    Caution! Come in packs-usually 4-man derp squads

    The Ivan:

    Only a few of them still exist
    Coverd with markings similar to that of which they had on their own tank during the Chechen War
    Uses HE, usually kills the entire server in the first shot
    Locked at 8.7 by Gaijin, to stop underexperienced players from facing them
    One deciding factor that makes this KV-2 so powerful is the gun, yes of course the silly design as well but the fact that it one shots all tanks at its tier is what made it that popular. So of course the only thing you're really gonna need on that thing is the gun right? in short (again) Yes. Yes it is. Unfortunately. To get yourself a KV-2, you can buy Cheap War Thunder Golden Eagles at, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

    The AC shells vs The HE shells
    Since the HE has become so much more unreliable with the recent additions to the tier of the KV 2 and some changes to the way HE works in the KV 2, this has lead to the changeover from mainly HE to mainly AC. Because AC is much more reliable at destroying your enemy (especially against the British, since they've got tanks like the Churchill and others). There's also an APCBC round, it gets an increase in penetration but suffers from a lower shell velocity, (which only makes matters worse considering you're firing a short barreled 152mm Howitzer) because of that the shell becomes much more harder to hit than the AC shell, use the APCBC when something absolutely, surely, definitely needs to die.
    As I mentioned before The HE shells are Better. but that's not always the case, As an example the Tiger is much more armored as a regular medium tank. The HE can't get through the armor of the heavy tank, so in this case AC is recommended, it can penetrate the heavy armor easily and destroy the tank or cause a fire. but against medium tanks, light tanks and SPGs The HE is More effective
    Combat tips
    First, go for body shots (with exceptions of heavily armoured targets). If you do this there is an extremly likely chance that one of two things will happen, either A. Crew gets knocked out, or B. Ammorack (refer to the end of the guide)
    Secondly, always have team-mates nearby to hopefully, hopefully, back you up while you reload (you can never be sure). The worst thing you want is for to be shooting and have someone rush you right after you shoot someone else.
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