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    How to Maximize Your Impact in Tank Battles in War Thunder and Improve Your Win Rate
    PS4 Games   PC Games   Xbox One Games   Tank Battle Guide   2019-01-09 08:58:23
    Most players, especially beginners find them suck with Tank Battles in War Thunder. To help you out, we’ve put together some essential tips in this guide. This guide is built to help new players conquer that curve and come out on top. It won't teach you everything, but it will teach you what you need to know to get started on your War Thunder journey.

    Tank Battles

    Learn about the tanks
    the ones you like and play and the ones you don’t (but, try them all!). Their weak and strong spots, their reload time, whether they should be angled (Tiger I...) or essentially not (M4 Jumbo, Panthers…), their reverse speed (with a Panther, if necessary, try to hide after a shot by going forward)… Watch a tutorial about the different types of ammunition and learn about their use, damage, speed, weaknesses and strengths… Learn to use the graduations in gunner view to elevate your gun depending on the distance of the target (use range finding (if you like it) and binoculars aiming), especially in RB/SB. Finally, learn to use smoke shells to protect the access to a spot you or your teammates want to reach, or to blind enemy tanks. Exploit smoke grenades to hide your retreat or hide your advance, or simply to confuse the enemy!
    Make your shots count
    To save you time, below I outline how you should aim, what kind of gun you should use at what distance, and many other important things that will help you shoot others down.
    The first thing is how to aim. If you play Arcade Battles (AB) you will see a aiming reticle when you are within gun range. This means you should point directly at that and unload everything you have into it, right? WRONG! This will make it harder to kill your adversary. For Cheap War Thunder Golden Eagles, come to, the cheapest online in-game currency store. Additionally, every customer can enjoy a 3% discount when buying by using the code “ 5MMO”.
    First off, the aiming reticle is simply a measurement of how fast the enemy is going, and in what direction. It does not account (very well, at least) for if the enemy is turning, climbing, or diving. This is where practice makes perfect. You must learn to compensate for that movement on your own. If you point directly at the aiming reticle you will miss most of your shots.
    Another tip is to aim slightly ahead of the aiming reticle. With some practice, you will find the right amount of how far ahead you need to aim, and you will start hitting multiple shots in a row instead of the occasional lucky bullet.


    Spawn intelligently

    You are not a youtuber (and you shouldn't try what they do), so don't spawn on small tanks for the sake of derping since first spawn, most likely you'll die and you won't do any good for your team. SPAA/Light tank spawn to capture and jump into a plane, this can be a good idea sometimes, but most of the times you will fail or won't get enough points to spawn in the desired aircraft with the desired payload. SPAA/Light tank spawn, if you don't mass cap the first point with your team, you'll end up being the only person who can respawn in case things go south (They will), in the end you'll just screw over your team, so don't be greedy. One exception for SPAA/Light tank spawn is to head for the second point (in case there's 3) before the enemy gets there, so your team can actually start winning before they need to fire.
    Learn the critical spots of a map (and how to get there fast)
    learn to drive your tanks (stop wiggling and bumping into others; straight lines are faster!), and also learn the fastest way from one to another critical spot or cap of the map and the dangerous passages to be avoided. Try several options before discovering your favorite approaches, learn to be smart and to lay traps… This nice rock above A on Sinai, attacking B from the west in Sinai (contrary to what most players do), blocking the enemy entrance to B in Mozdok when spawning from the west side, going to the church in B in Poland by the little street to the west and not from the main street (from both camps)… Remember the spots where you have been killed so many times without being able to shoot at anything, and those where you (or an enemy) had a surprisingly good run. Learn where the enemy usually go (to C in Korea, to the city A in Tunisia…) or what they often do on such or such map. Prepare your cunning plan.
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