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    Here Are Some Strategic Tips For Nomandy Map in War Thunder
    PS4 Games   PC Games   Xbox One Games   Nomandy Map Guide   2019-01-30 09:09:17
    Certain ground battle maps in War Thunder have always been difficult for some players, especially newbies. To help you out, today this article will focus on Nomandy Map in War Thunder and offers some strategic tips for players to better enjoy their gameplay and maximize their winning rate in the game. Here’s what the Nomandy map looks like.
    Nomandy Map Overview



    As you can see in the image above, the two teams each have a cap close to their spawn (B and C, respectively), and hence the Nomandy map belongs to belongs to the “vertical” class. In a sense, the gameplay on "vertical" maps often resembles the one on a one-cap map (the Normandy map also appears with A as the sole cap). However, this Normandy map is not as caricatural as the Ardennes map, in the sense that B and C are not immune to an enemy attack (whereas, if a team loses their cap on Ardennes, it means that the battle was already long over).
    Unlike other vertical class maps, Normandy map has two spawning points for each team, but the East/Red side should simply never spawn on the beach (slow and open terrain), while the vast majority of Blue tanks should spawn to the top spawn from the west. In battles with a top BR above 8.0, where the East/Red side can easily spawn-kill from C (very fast, precise, and deadly APFSDS shells), it is necessary for West/Blue to put some pressure on C from the start and hence for a few tanks to spawn in the bottom spawn (3 tanks max). This spawn also allows reaching 3 to cover A and the road bordering the south of the city. For higher rank in War Thunder, come and buy Cheap War Thunder Golden Eagles at, where you can enjoy the cheapest price online by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.


    Nomandy Map Battle Strategic Tips
    Since the team with the initial largest presence at and around A,  only a very few tanks from both teams should cap B and C ,often gets a decisive advantage. So, we recommend you to go at once take a position near A.
    Generally speaking, not enough tanks go to the south street (1/1) which allows controlling 1, and hence A and the sides of the church (2/2). At least 3 tanks (from both sides) should aim at controlling this crucial street, with your attention, avoid the formation of a big clutter of tanks in this street, as players will impede each other and also watch for airstrikes!. Most battles on this map are lost by the team not mobilizing enough forces to control this street.
    From both sides, a fast tank can try to quickly cap A, coming preferably from 1 and hiding behind the first tank carcass at the exit of the street 1, hence the importance of covering the south street (1/1). After capping, you can retreat in 1 or 1/1, or simply stay there and have some fun! Capping on the side of the church (2/2) is also possible (coming from above the beach), but the access is more dangerous, also requires the ally team to cover 1/1, and there is no easy way to retreat safely from there. A tank on 2/2 should focus on covering 1, and if possible 3.
    There is usually a fierce fight for the area around 2, which helps to control 2/2. If West/Blue loses this zone, their cap B will be in danger (East/Red should preferably go to B along the wall, and not from the lower beach). If your tank has a good gun depression, note that you can actually (almost) safely shoot at A and 1 from the top of the beach, near 2 (more effective from the Red/East side).
    Instead of going to 1/1 and help to control the street, many players prefer to shoot from 3/3, despite the fact that it is a very dangerous shooting location, with reduced shooting angle and visibility. In the same manner, the road bordering the south of a city is very dangerous and should be generally avoided, except to get behind enemy tanks strongly controlling the south street (1/1) and advancing in it. In addition, the area 3 provides a good but dangerous position to help to control A (including 1 and 2/2).
    Now we are warped with War Thunder Nomandy map guide. Hopefully, it would be useful for you.

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