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    Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Map Guide: Spawn Points, Best Operators, Interior Layouts, and Strategies on Villa Map
    PS4 Games   PC Games   Xbox One Games   Map Guides   2018-10-25 09:11:59
    The new map, Villa was full released ahead of the full reveal of Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Para Bellum for the first time, heralding the start of a new season in the shooter. It looks stunning, to be honest. The map is full of marble statues, ornate fountains (look out for the Assassin's Creed logo), cosy wine cellars, a tall tower which is a multistory location centered around a densely detailed main building. This guide will take you through the spawn points for both attackers and defenders, some strategies to keep in mind, and a few operators that really excel in this map.

    Villa map

    Interior Layout and Structure of Villa Map

    The building itself is a two storeys high, and is a densely packed residential villa that belongs to the crime family that Alibi infiltrated as part of her G.I.S operations. Beneath it is a tight, claustrophobic wine cellar. Attached to the main building is a tall, four-storey tower, although it cannot be entered, and so poses little danger of becoming a horrific spawn-peek nightmare.

    The map is home to four bomb sites, and has been designed for smooth rotation between bomb locations. Ubisoft believe it to be one of the most balanced and competitively viable maps ever; it’s been built with ranked, competition, and Pro League in mind, with the intention of replacing Kafe.

    Attacker Spawn Points and Best Operators

    As a attacker, with so many rooms to navigate, it can be quite easy to get yourself turned around, particularly when using the drones as the attackers. None of the rooms however have instantly accessible barricades or walls from outside the property, meaning that defending players can set up their defences a little bit away from the room itself. One thing to definitely keep in mind though is the fact that if you’re in the basement, the enemy will likely be heading in from the crypt entrance, which is a huge wooden circular barricade. They do this because there are no cameras that can spot them as they head underground, so they can remain fully hidden on their approach. Herein, both Mira and Valkyrie are recommended as the best operators. If you lack credits to unlock such operators, buy Cheap R6 Credits from our website:, a safe, cheap online in-game currency store. Besides, you can use the code “ 5MMO” for a 3% discount at our website.

    Defender Spawn Points and Best Operators

    As a attacker, since the attackers can’t be spotted if they approach from the crypt via the tunnel into the basement, but there is the possibility of spawn camping elsewhere on the property. Some windows at the far end of the property have very good views, meaning that enemies can take shots from very far away. Therefore it’s worth proceeding with an element of caution when storming the property. Main road has the closest path to access the villa, while Fountain has a small amount of cover to hide behind. Once you’ re just outside, it’ s worth seeing where you’ re about to enter and access whether or not it is high risk. If your drones are still available, it can be worth scouting the room to see if the enemy has shot a hole in the ceiling. If they have, it may be worth considering entering a safer route. For the attackers, good operators to use are Sledge with his hammer and any operator that uses a decent shotgun for tearing up floors. For Cheap R6 Credits, must be your first choice, where you can buy credits at the cheapest price online.


    General Strategies

    Remember that Every site has multiple entry points for attackers to push in from on the map. So a prepared defensive team has a good chance of countering any push, in return, the easy access gives defenders more freedom to roam around the map. In a world, it would be much exciting and unpredictable when you play on the map.
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