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    Torchlight Infinite Commander Moto Guide: How to Play Commander Character Well

    Torchlight Infinite has become one of the most popular ARPG on the internet, which attracts a lot of players’ attention. Many players are going to join in the adventure of Torchlight Infinite. In order to start your exploration, you have to choose your character among several original characters in the beginning. If you have no idea about the choice of character in Torchlight Infinite, We will recommend you the Commander character at first. You can read this article to know about how to play Commander in the game. Players can use Cheap Torchlight Infinite Currency to purchase their desired weapons or items for characters in order to improve their capacities in battles.
    What’s the Commander Class in Torchlight Infinite?
    The Commander Moto is an instructor in the game, who was once the Iron Spate Knight’s chief. He is good at ember tech and engineering, and he can summon the high-tech devices to do things according to his orders. Commander Moto does well in long, distant fighting and melee range fights. His different play-style makes him become the unique character in Torchlight Infinite. 
    Best Hero Traits For Moto Commander
    For our hero trait, we're going to want to spec into Overload. This will give our minions a bunch of critical strike rating, attack speed and skill range.
    Level 15: Ordercalling
    Level 32: All In
    Level 50: Veteran
    Level 62: Brothers in Arms
    Level 80: Rest & Ready
    Best Equipment for Moto Commander
    Helmet: Fallen Knight Helmet
    Armor: Unbreakable Armor
    Necklace: Truth
    Gloves: Elder Sage’s Long Gloves
    Belt: Night Conqueror’s Light Belt
    Boots: Imperishable Feet
    Ring 1: Embrace of Eternal Sleep
    Ring 2: Frostfire Ring
    Weapon 1: Twisted Branch
    Weapon 2: Twisted Branch
    How to Play Commander Well in Torchlight Infinite
    Players should know the soul of Commander. Sometimes you just want to play for a warlock or a druid, who often deal with enemies through minions. In this case, we will have robots and wards. These are two different fighting styles, although it never hurts to combine them. It’s just that in the case of minions, you will simply spam them, and in the second case, you will buff yourself and destroy the enemy with melee weapons.
    When you focus on skills of Commander in Torchlight Infinite, you should allocate your skills points correctly to load more useful skills in order to improve the attack of minions in the game. Blue slots are used for buffs and the yellow slots are used for show the skills you open. You need open more skills and accumulate enough energy to release these skills in the process of battles. Then your minions can be upgraded and improved in the end. Your attack is based on the improvement of minions in the game. 
    When it comes to the talents of Commander, if you are going to choose the God of Machines talent branch, you can choose to increase the damage and health of both robots and wards. And other talents are used to improve the attack of robots in battles. Powerful robots will not only defeat more enemies,but also protect yourselves from attacks in the process of completing quests in Torchlight Infinite. 
    If you are willing to play Commander Moto in Torchlight Infinite, these tips and skills may help you a lot. In the process of quests, you can experiment these tips for the build of Commander and try to build the powerful Commander in the game. Players can Buy Torchlight Infinite Flame Elementium to get some rare materials for leveling up characters quickly, and you will get into the end-game contents early instead. 
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