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    NBA 2K23 MyTeam Budget Players Guide: How to Select Best Budget Cards for Your Team

    With the coming of NBA 2K23, many players plan to build their own team to play matches in NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode. While, it is important to select the suitable players for different positions in your team. Some players want to choose the budget but powered players to build the team. In this article, we will recommend some useful budget player cards for you to build the starter team in NBA 2K23 MyTeam mode. Players can get Cheap NBA 2K23 MT to buy other good players for your team in the transfer market of NBA 2K23.
    Best Budget Player Cards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam
    Point Guard
    Ja Morant
    This is a completely free card that you can choose when you first create a team. Ja Morant will bring speed, shooting, and defense into your roster and you don’t have to pay a dime! It’s easy to upgrade this card to its full potential, which is 89 OVR and can be a great option for your starting one spot while you work to find an upgrade.
    Morant is the face of the Memphis Grizzlies and arguably the fiercest dunker in the game. The 2020 Rookie of the Year found three firsts in 2021-2022 as he was named an All-Star, All-NBA Second Team, and won the Most Improved Player award.
    78 Pass Perception
    79 Perimeter Defense
    81 Lateral Quickness
    82 Free Throw
    83 Mid-Range Shot
    79 Three-Point Shot
    Shooting Guard
    Roberto Reid
    For a shooting guard position, Robert Reid is an absolutely affordable option for the price it comes with. It can only be purchased for 1000 and has an overall rating of 83 with a lot of potential to equip your list.
    Robert has 7 bronze and 1 silver badges with a great close-up shot. He also has an absolutely explosive three-point.
    Reid may not be a distinction when it comes to static, but he is a blaster for the control he offers during gameplay. He can pass the ball with his very smooth release. Most important of all is, 6’8 which is a good number for a guard range.
    84 Close shot 
    77 Three points
    98 Frenzy 
    90 Resistance
    Small Forward
    Kelly Tripucka
    Small forward can be filled pretty decently by Kelly Tripucka with an overall rating of 85 and a price of just 700. He has a total of fifteen bronze medals and a key feature of three-point. He also has hot zones around his specialty, the three-point line, and has better fouling techniques.
    88 Draw Foul
    87 Free Throw 
    82 Three-Pointers
    79 Steal
    79 Speed
    Power Forward
    P.J. Tucker
    The Power Forward position was certainly the most difficult to fill, as there is almost no budget-friendly power forwards on the market. To ensure success in NBA 2K23 MyTeam, having four capable shooters is essential, which is why we opted for P.J. Tucker.
    Unfortunately, Tucker is weak other than his three-point ability, so we recommend this to be the first place you upgrade when you have a little more cash available. Tucker has an easy release style, but be conscious that he has cold zones across the three-point line, so deploy him down the left wherever possible.
    88 Close Shot
    80 Three-Pointers
    75 Perimeter Defense 
    Rik Smits 
    Rik Smits completes the roster with the central position in good hands. It was a tough choice between Rik and Shaq, but obviously the cheapest option would have been Rik as Shaq has a huge name to raise the price. However, Rik has a better advantage over Shaq when it comes to stamina and can play more minutes than Shaq. Rik has an estimated price of 1400 with an overall rating of 82.
    87 Post Hook
    87 Post-fade 
    87 Post control
    87 Offensive rebound
    88 Defensive rebound
    These budget player cards can help you build a starter team in the beginning of NBA 2K23. And you can try to play matches for rewards in MyTeam mode. Meanwhile, you can Buy NBA 2K23 MT to replace better player cards in your team in order to improve its capacity on the court. 
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