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    NHL 23 Dekes Guide: How to Play Hockey in NHL 23, The Michigan Deke Move

    NHL 23 will be released shortly, and we'll cover a gameplay here. In this guide, we'll give you the steps on how to play hockey/Michigan Dirk in NHL 23. Also by the way, NHL 23 Coins are a major part of Hockey Ultimate Team, and you can buy them at if you don't want to hone your online game after every game for a handful of coins.
    How to finish the Michigan Derby in NHL 23?
    In hockey, a deke is a deceptive move that helps to disguise an opponent or catch them off guard. The hockey or Michigan move is one of the most difficult moves to perform in NHL 23 because it involves getting your timing just right. It also needs to ensure that the ball is executed in the correct position depending on whether your player is right-handed or left-handed. Before smashing the controller, you need to know what a deke is and how to perform it. It is usually used when the player is behind the net and the goalkeeper is behind the goal to keep the ball out.
    For right-handed players:
    Push the right stick on the controller to the left to move the puck to the forehand side.
    Press L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One.
    Press the right stick.
    Move the right stick (R3) half a turn clockwise.
    For left-handed players:
    Push the right stick on the controller to the left to move the puck to the forehand side.
    Press L1 on PS4 or LB on Xbox One.
    Press the right stick.
    Move the Right Stick (R3) half a turn counterclockwise.
    Doing the above will make your character perform a lacrosse or Michigan Dirk action in NHL 23. This is a great move to distract your opponents and surprise them with your amazing abilities. The challenging aspect of NHL 23 dekes in lacrosse/Michigan is timing the right stick half-circle curl just right. You can use Practice Mode on NHL 23 to keep trying to perfect your moves.
    How to Do the Slip Deke?
    Best Use: When an opponent blocks your way near a plank
    Xbox Controls: LB (when near a surfboard)
    PS control key: LB (when close to the plank). L1 (when close to a surfboard)
    Difficulty: 2/10
    The sliding tackle is one of the most useful and easiest tackles in NHL23. This move specifically allows you to get past any defenders by sliding near the board and over anyone blocking you. To perform this action, you need to be near the backboard, and once there, just press LB (Xbox) or L1 (PS). The player then automatically slides over the plank and bounces off the plank to return to the ice with both feet.
    Note that performing this action is not the hardest part. Even more difficult is timing so that you can successfully overcome the opponent standing in your way. This move works best when you're at full speed, which will give you a better chance of successfully passing your opponent and give you more margin for error in timing.
    How to Do the Chip Deke (Jump Deke)?
    Best use: When an opposing player is diving at your feet
    Xbox control: LB + R (forward)
    PS control: LB + R (forward). L1 + R (forward)
    Difficulty: 1/10
    The split, also known as the "jump split," is a great move performed when an opponent jumps forward at your feet. This trick basically lets you jump over them, keep running forward, and keep your speed to a minimum.
    This particular dodge is very easy to perform as you just need to press L1+R (forward) to PS or LB+R (forward). The trickier part about this fake is timing. When the opposing player sneaks under your feet, you will have a very short time to press the necessary buttons and perform the cut-in action to get past the player on the ice. It definitely takes some practice to perform consistently and successfully, but once you do, it's a nice little trick.
    The NHL 23 game is likely to be released in October 2022 and is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, if you want early access on EA Play to practice the action, you can check it out at at the latest Get HUT 23 coins at affordable prices so you can play great at NHL 23.
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