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    Valorant Guide: Rank List of Best Ultimate Abilities of Agents in Valorant

    Players can choose different kinds of agents to play in Valorant. Various agents with different ultimate abilities play different roles in the matches. Some players are likely to select the agents with powerful ultimate abilities. Do you want to know the rank list of best ultimate abilities of agents in Valorant? Players can use Cheap Valorant Gift Card to unlock the latest skins for weapons or characters in the game.
    Best Ultimate Abilities of Agents in Valorant
    Sage - Resurrection
    Whether there's a Sage ally or enemy, it's best to keep tabs on her Resurrection ability. Just as the name entails, Sage's Ultimate revives a fallen teammate to full health, but not full shields. While it's advantageous to bring someone back from the dead, it could lead to a free kill for the enemy team.
    Typically a teammate's body will be in the middle of gunfire, so creating cover fire or utilizing Sage's Barrier would work best with Resurrection. Also, if the formerly deceased didn't have the bad luck of someone taking their gun, they should have the items they purchased from the armory. Bringing a fallen teammate back from the dead is the crown jewel of ultimate abilities and can turn the tide of any match, which makes Sage's Resurrection the best Ultimate in Valorant.
    Killjoy - Lockdown
    Killjoy is currently the preferred sentinel agent after Chamber’s nerf. Killjoy can hold a site on its own and can delay a push which will give your teammates enough time to rotate. In addition to her basic site abilities, KJ’s ult Lockdown is among the best utility in the game. Any enemy who remains in Lockdown’s area gets detained and cannot use any abilities or weapon at all. Their movement speed is also reduced. Lockdown is a great tool for retaking sites or stalling enemies post-plant. The only downside to this ability is agents like Brimstone, Breach, KAY/O, Sova, and Raze can destroy it so you have to place it precisely.
    Viper - Pit
    Vipers Ultimate is very situational, which makes it unreliable. Her pit covers a massive area, which is great for post-plant situations, but apart from that, it doesn’t bring any value to the team. Setting a perfect Viper Ultimate takes a lot of skill and timing. Agents like Cypher and Sova that have information gathering abilities can easily nullify Viper’s Ultimate. However, if the opposing team doesn’t have any utilities or Ultimate, her Ultimate can be a great tool for choking opposing players.
    Sova - Hunter’s Fury
    Hunter's Fury is easily one of the best Ultimates in the game. However, players must have good map knowledge to make it work, as it can tag an enemy player thrice, killing them with ease. It is also a great post-plant utility as it can be used through walls in Valorant.
    While using this Ultimate, Sova becomes extremely vulnerable to backstabs. This is one of the drawbacks that keeps this primary power from climbing higher on the list.
    Jett - Bladestorm
    Although each Ultimate ability varies among the Valorant agents, one condition remains the same for each of them: when activated, the Ultimate ability must be used immediately. That is, everyone except for Jett. The South Korean's Ultimate ability, Bladestorm, allows her to wield five throwing knives that deal 50 damage to the legs and torso or 150 damage to the head. When Jett activates her Ultimate, she has the flexibility to switch between her equipped weapons and throwing knives without penalty.
    On top of that, if Jett kills an enemy with her knives, the knives restock to a full five. In other words, Jett could play through an entire round and never lose her Ultimate. Due to its flexibility, damage output, and restocking capabilities, Jett's Bladestorm is one of the best pure offensive Ultimates in Valorant.
    These mentioned agents with ultimate abilities are really powerful in the Valorant matches. You can try to master these agents in the game. And if you want to unlock other agents in Valorant, you can Buy Valorant Gift Card to get them quickly in the game shop.
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